Extra Soft Brickies Brush (Poly Fibre) – Longara


Longara’s Extra Soft Poly Masonry Brush is well suited for concreting and bricklaying work. The polypropylene fibres are flexible and let you scrub away smaller particles, which makes it ideal for jobs that can create a lot of grit or dust. The extra soft bristles of this Longara scrub brush will also mean you can easily avoid scratches or scuff marks. This brickies brush also features a plastic handle, meaning the Longara extra soft brush is made entirely of materials that won’t rot or rust – so you’re sure to get the most out of your brush!

Extra Soft Brickies Brush with Poly Fiber – Longara

An extra soft bricklaying and stonemasonry brush with a hard plastic base.

A great masonry brush for brick work and stone work.

Length: 300mm


Product Type

Extra Soft, Hard, Soft, Very Hard