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Unleash the power of precision with the Flextool FCP-48 Vibratory Plate. This remarkable plate compactor lets you conquer tight and tricky spaces with ease. With its sleek and narrow design, it effortlessly manoeuvres through constraints, ensuring your projects are completed flawlessly. The built-in wheel kit and folding handles make transportation a breeze, while the reliable Honda GX100 4-stroke engine ensures performance and longevity. Maximise your compacting performance with the FCP-48, where innovation meets efficiency.

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48 kg Plate Compactor for Sale in Canberra

The Flextool FCP-48 Vibratory Plate is a compact yet powerful tool designed to revolutionize your soil compaction projects. With its innovative features and cutting-edge design, the FCP-48 is the ultimate solution for professionals across various trades. One key feature of this remarkable machine is its narrow base plate, setting it apart from the competition in versatility. The FCP-48’s slim profile allows it to excel in tight and confined spaces where larger plate compactors simply cannot navigate. Whether you’re working on a construction site with limited room to manoeuvre or tackling a landscaping project in a cramped backyard, this plate compactor delivers exceptional results.

But that’s not all – Flextool takes convenience to the next level with the FCP 48 plate compactor by including a built-in wheel kit. Now you can avoid struggling to lift and transport the compactor manually around the job site. The wheel kit effortlessly glides over uneven terrain, making relocation a breeze. Say goodbye to the backbreaking work of moving heavy machinery, and say hello to efficiency and ease.

More Features of FCP 48 Vibrating Plate Compactor

Portability is at the forefront of the Flextool design philosophy, and the FCP48 exemplifies this through its central lifting point. This thoughtful addition ensures safe and straightforward lifting, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Moreover, the folding handles offer unmatched convenience during transportation. When it comes to getting the job done, every second counts, and the FCP-48 helps you save valuable time.

Operation is a cinch with the robust external throttle, designed for easy access and control. No more struggling to adjust settings in the middle of a task – the intuitive design keeps you in command at all times. Plus, with the Honda GX100 4-stroke engine under the hood, you can count on hassle-free operation and reduced engine emissions. It’s a win-win for both productivity and the environment. Speaking of convenience, the FCP-48’s compact design allows it to fit snugly into the boot of a car. Transporting bulky machinery isn’t an issue with this plate compactor, making it your ticket to effortless mobility. Whether you’re a contractor on the move or a homeowner with limited storage space, the FCP-48 has you covered.

The Flextool FCP-48 Vibratory Plate is a game-changer for your projects, thanks to its massive range of features that enhance your working experience. Its narrow base plate, built-in wheel kit, central lifting point, robust throttle, and eco-friendly engine combine to create a machine that’s versatile, efficient, and environmentally responsible. Experience the future of soil compaction with the FCP-48 – where innovation meets performance. Your projects will never be the same again.

Flextool FCP-48 Compactor Specifications

Item Number: FT201870-UNIT

  • Operating Weight: 48 kg
  • Plate Size (W x D): 310 x 430 mm
  • Centrifugal Force (Max): 8.5 kN
  • Vibration Frequency: 5140 vpm
  • Maximum Travelling Speed: 22 m / min
  • Max Gradeability: 32 %
  • Maximum Compacted Area: 410 m2 / h
  • Lifting Hook
  • Wheel Kit
  • Engine Make + Model: Honda GX100
  • Power Rating (Max): 3 Hp
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

More Questions About FCP48 Compacting Plate?

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