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Flextool’s FP440 Concreting Trowel is an excellent concrete finishing solution for any professional. This powerhouse delivers impeccable flat floor results with its cast iron components and efficient gearboxes, ensuring superior performance at all speeds. Powered by the reliable Honda GX270 engine, it guarantees hassle-free operation and reduced emissions. Experience enhanced safety and operator comfort with easy-access controls and a padded handlebar. Its excellent durability, heavy-duty construction, and lifting hook make it the ideal choice for the toughest panning, floating, and finishing applications.

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40 Inch Walk Behind Trowel for Sale

The Flextool FP440 Concreting Trowel is a powerhouse perfectly suited for seasoned professionals in the construction industry. One key aspect of the FP440’s excellence is its highly efficient gearboxes. These gearboxes are the driving force behind the trowel’s exceptional performance across a wide range of rotational speeds. They deliver maximum torque to the rotors of the FP 440 trowel. This means that you have the versatility to tackle various concrete finishing tasks with ease and precision.

At the heart of the FP440 lies its robust cast iron spider plates, blade tilt levers, and pressure plates. These precision engineered components play a pivotal role in guaranteeing flawless flat floor results with every pass. No matter the scale of your residential or commercial venture, the FP440 ensures that you achieve consistently impeccable surfaces.

Powering this construction marvel is the Honda GX270 four stroke engine, renowned for its reliability and low emissions. With the GX270, you can count on hassle free operation, reduced downtime, and lowered environmental impact. This engine not only ensures consistent power but also contributes to the overall longevity of the FP440.

Operational safety is paramount, and the FP440 provides this by providing easy access to all three handle mounted operating controls. This thoughtful design feature enhances user safety, allowing you to focus on your work with peace of mind. Furthermore, the trowel boasts a tubular steel oversized heavy duty guard ring. This inclusion adds an extra layer of strength and protection. Even in demanding working conditions, the FP440 maintains its structural integrity, providing you with reliability when you need it most.

FP440 Concreting Power Trowel – Other Features

The FP440 walk behind trowel withstands even the toughest panning, floating, and finishing applications, thanks to its heavy-duty build. This durability ensures that your investment in the FP440 pays off for years to come, making it a sound choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best.

Operator comfort and reduced fatigue are pivotal during long hours of concrete finishing. The FP440 addresses this concern with a body-contoured, padded handlebar, offering a comfortable grip that reduces strain on the operator. This design feature allows you to maintain precision and consistency throughout your projects. The additional inclusion of a lifting hook on the FP440 makes it easier than ever to perform secure onsite handling. This thoughtful addition streamlines your workflow, making it easier to transport and manoeuvre the trowel as needed.

All in all, the FP440 Concreting Trowel from Flextool is a testament to precision engineering and user-centric design. With its cast iron components, efficient gearboxes, Honda engine, safety-focused controls, heavy-duty construction, operator comfort enhancements, and practical lifting hook, this trowel is your indispensable companion for achieving flawless concrete finishes, project after project.

Specifications – FP440 Concrete Trowel

Item Number: FT203440-UNIT

  • Trowel Diameter: 1015 mm / 40 inch
  • Operating Weight: 85 kg
  • Amount of Blades: 4
  • Speed Range: 40 – 130 rpm
  • Max Blade Pitch: 30 °
  • Engine Male: Honda
  • Engine Model: GX270
  • Max Rated Power: 9 hp
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

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