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Perfect your concrete finishing with the FP446 Walk Behind Concrete Trowel! Crafted for professionals who demand perfection, this precision-engineered tool delivers results that stand above the rest. Imagine effortlessly achieving flawlessly smooth surfaces, project after project, thanks to its cast iron spider plates. You’ll conquer every challenge with its adaptable high-performance gearbox and the reliable Honda GX390 4-stroke engine, which ensures not only efficiency but also an eco-friendly work environment. With intuitive controls, ergonomic comfort, and a handy lifting hook, the FP446 is key to unlocking unmatched efficiency and excellence in your concrete finishing endeavours.

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46 Inch Power Trowel Canberra

The Flextool FP446 walk behind concrete trowel stands as a testament to precision engineering and practical design, tailored for the demands of professional tradesmen. Its robust construction incorporates essential components like cast iron spider plates, blade tilt levers, and pressure plates. These meticulously engineered elements work in unison to ensure that every concrete slab receives meticulous attention, resulting in consistently impeccable, level surfaces across projects of various sizes and complexities.

What sets the FP446 apart is its highly efficient gearbox, intelligently designed to deliver maximum torque to the trowel rotors. This gearbox’s versatility shines through, effortlessly adapting to varying RPM requirements. Whether you’re performing delicate finishing work at lower speeds or handling more demanding applications at higher RPMs, the FP446 seamlessly accommodates your needs, ensuring superior performance throughout.

Operator comfort is another cornerstone of the FP446’s design. The power trowel features a body-contoured, padded handlebar that substantially reduces operator fatigue, even during extended work hours. This ergonomic design allows you to maintain peak performance and precision throughout your workday, ultimately boosting productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Additional Features for the FP 446 from Flextool

Powering the FP446 is the dependable Honda GX390 4-stroke engine, renowned for its reliability and minimal emissions. This engine not only guarantees trouble-free operation but also promotes a cleaner and eco-friendly work environment, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability. With the FP446, you can work efficiently without compromising your commitment to environmental responsibility. Safety remains a paramount concern in any construction setting, and the FP446 prioritizes it by strategically placing handle-mounted operating controls. Convenient and intuitive, these controls minimize the risk of accidents during operation, allowing you to focus on your work with confidence.

Beyond precision and performance, the FP446 is engineered for durability, a crucial aspect for withstanding the rigors of demanding job sites. Its tubular steel oversized heavy-duty guard ring is a testament to its rugged build, ensuring that the power trowel remains steadfast even under heavy use and challenging conditions. This robust construction instills trust, knowing that the FP446 can tackle the toughest tasks without hesitation.

Furthermore, the FP446 includes a practical lifting hook, streamlining onsite handling and transportation. This thoughtful addition enhances your workflow by simplifying logistical operations while maintaining safety standards. It exemplifies the FP446’s user-centric design, aimed at making your job more convenient and efficient.

With the Flextool FP446 walk behind concrete trowel, you get everything you want and need out of a professionally oriented concreting tool. This power trowel delivers a solution that elevates your concrete finishing projects with unparalleled performance and convenience.

FP446 Walk Behind Trowel Specs

Item Number: FT203446-UNIT

  • Trowel Diameter: 1165 mm / 46 inch
  • Operating Weight: 105 kg
  • Amount of Blades: 4
  • Speed Range: 40 – 150 rpm
  • Max Blade Pitch: 30 °
  • Engine Male: Honda
  • Engine Model: GX390
  • Max Rated Power: 13 hp
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

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