G Sliding Clamps – BT Engineering


The Sliding G Clamps from BT Engineering are available for purchase in two sizes, with their own uses, so you can select exactly the sliding clamp you need for your work. The Short GClamp is compatible with virtually any surface, which makes it a good all-rounder, while the Large Slide Clamp is best suited specifically for brick and block work. With a securely fastened insert, anti-corrosion zinc plating, and domed washer, these Sliding G-Clamps are made to last.

BT Engineering Sliding G-Clamps for sale in Canberra

  • Available in two different sizes: Large and Short / Small
  • Short Slide Clamp can be used anywhere
  • Large Clamp is best for brick and blockwork
  • Galvanised to protect from corrosion
  • Made in Australia
  • Product codes: GCL (Large), GCLSH (Short)


Long, Short