Gauge Rod – BT Engineering


BT Engineering’s Brick Gauge Rods are excellent measuring sticks for when you need to check the accuracy of the gauge in brickwork. They are made of strong aluminium, with deeply engraved markings. Not only do these gauge rods give you accurate readings, the markings are deeply engraved and accurately machined, meaning they will never wear out. We have two versions of the BT Bricklayers Gauge Rod for sale – an 84 to 87 gauge, and an 85 to 88 gauge.

BT Engineering Gauge Rod for sale in two types

  • Accurately machined markings that will not wear out.
  • Two types available, either 84-87 gauge, or 85-88 gauge.

Also known as: Story Rods, Story Pole, Measuring Tool, Bricklayers Gauge Tape, Brick Gauge Rod

Product Type

84-87, 85-88