7″ Gauging Trowel with S Shank – OX Tools


The rounded blade tip on this Ox Gauging Trowel can be used for mixing & gauging small quantities of quick setting plaster. It comes with an innovative S Shank or otherwise known as goose neck shank. This makes the perfect balance to hang on the edge of your bucket edge keeping the trowel blade clean from contamination materials.

Gauging Trowel 7 inch – OX Tools

Distinctive for having a rounded tip along with the v-shaped back, a gauging trowel is useful in plastering, bricklaying, stonemasonry, roofing, rendering, tiling and more…

This gauging trowel from OX Tools has a round tip for accurate gauge measurement, a precision taper ground blade and a soft grip for comfort all day.

Uses of Gauging Trowels

Gauging trowels are particularly useful for the application of small amounts of:

– plaster to walls or other surface

– patching crumbling mortar

– fine work in stonemasonry

– repairing concrete

– quick-setting thin set, mortar, or drywall compound.

Specifications of the Ox 7″ Round Nose Gauging Trowel

– High quality flexible blade

– Specially designed soft grip handle for greater control & comfort

– Strong welded shank

– Precision taper ground blade

– Duragrip handle

– ‘S’ style shank – will ‘hang’ on the side of a bucket

– 3½ x 7 inch / 88 x 178mm

– Item number: OX-P011407

Also known as: Stonemasons trowels, Stonemasonry Trowels, plastering trowels, bricklaying trowels