Hard Brickies Brush (Poly Fibre)- Longara


This handy brush from Longara features harder bristles than their other products, making it perfect for aggressive scrubbing when you really need to get something done. This bricklaying brush is made of rust free materials, with a plastic back and a fill of polypropelene, meaning you don’t need to worry about the brush decaying as time goes on. With the Longara hard bristle brickies brush, your bricklaying and concreting work will be made that much easier!

Hard Brickies Brush with Poly Fiber Bristles – Longara

This Hard Brickies Brush has heavy duty bristles and is excellent for more aggressive scrubbing.

A great masonry brush with durable plastic base for brick work and stone work.

Length: 300 mm



Product Type

Extra Soft, Hard, Soft, Very Hard