SuperSite Submersible Pump (Flex Drive) – Hoppt


SuperSite Submersible Pump (Flex Drive) – Hoppt

You know you have a reliable submersible pump on site with the SuperSite submersible pump from Hoppt Australia. This type of submersible pump is also known as a Sump Pump, Submersible Flexible Drive Pump, or a Trash Pump.

The Hoppt HFP85 SuperSite submersible pump is designed to pump up to 63000 liters per hour (that’s 1050 liters per minute) of liquid. These fluid can contain solids and aggregates up to 28mm and up to 60% of the fluid can be made up of solid, making them a very versatile pump.

This is a durable self priming submersible pump (after first prime). This means that it will create and maintain a vacuum level sufficient to draw fluid into the inlet without external assistance. This beneficial feature prevents air binding and means the flex drive pump does not need an external priming device such as a suction hose.

This submersible pump is made to exacting specifications to deliver high performance and offer trouble free operation suitable for construction, mine and farm sites, excavations and flood water. The strainer, impeller and body have all been designed to allow unobstructed passage of solids. These submersible pumps are the ideal addition to any construction sites, mining sites, storm drains where water is mixed with debris and you need a premium pump. The extremely heavy duty design makes it ideal for tradesman and professional contractors to use daily on construction sites.

Operating under water, the submersible pump head is driven by a rotating flexible shaft that transmits the power from the drive unit to the pump head.

Hoppt Submersible Pumps are made compact with an aluminum casting body for durability to provide an economical and energy-efficient pump. They deliver high performance and offer trouble-free operations.

Lay flat hose and Drive units are optional extras.

Features of the SuperSite Submersible Pump:

– Weight: 26kg

– Discharge diameter: 50mm (2 inch)

– Max Head Height: 20m

– Max Lift – 20m

– Max Discharge Capacity: 63000L/hr (1050 L/min)

– Shaft Revolution (RPM): 3000 – 5000 rpm

– Solids: 28mm

– Aluminium Cast Body

– Stainless Steel Impeller for improved abrasion resistance

– Self Priming

– 6m Flexible Shafts

– Three dog coupling allows it to attach to Hoppt Drive units as well as other brands

Note: Optional Extras available for purchase:

– Lay flat hose

– Drive units

– 12 months warranty

Please Note: before starting any self priming submersible pump for the first time you need to fill the casing with liquid. By completing this simple step, it allows your pump to circulate the fluid inside the casing while mixing with the air in the suction line, draw up the liquids from the sump and prevent damage to the submersible pumps seals. Please consult your instruction manual prior to operation.

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