11.5 mm Climbing Rope for Sale – Husqvarna

Unleash your arborist potential with the extraordinary Husqvarna 11.5 mm Climbing Rope. Crafted to redefine safety and efficiency, this rope is your ticket to conquering heights with unparalleled confidence. Its innovative 24-strand construction strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and durability, ensuring each climb is supported by unyielding reliability. No matter the technique, whether it’s the Stationary Rope System (SRS) or the Moving Rope System (MRS), this rope effortlessly transitions to meet your demands. Plus, its thoughtfully incorporated approved splice at one end speaks volumes about its unwavering commitment to your safety and convenience.

You can buy the 11.5 mm rope in lengths of 45 metres or 60 metres to best suit the job at hand. You can also choose between blue and orange colours for aesthetic and visibility purposes.

NOTE: Arborist ropes have shelf lives, so to ensure you receive the longest amount of use out of the product we only order arborist ropes on request.

RRP (45 metres, orange): $399

RRP (45 metres, blue): $399

RRP (60 metres, orange): $499

RRP (60 metres, blue): $499

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Arborist Climbing Rope in Canberra

Catering to the needs of seasoned tree professionals and novices alike, this 11.5 mm climbing rope epitomizes excellence. Its official certification underscores its reliability and readiness for the most demanding tasks. Be it the skilled hands of veterans or those taking their first steps in the canopy, the Husqvarna climbing rope unfailingly delivers.

Unveiling its versatility, the rope seamlessly accommodates both single and double rope techniques. Compatible with an array of mechanical hardware, it facilitates an effortless journey upward or downward. The ingeniously incorporated approved splice at one end augments not only your convenience but, more importantly, your safety.

This high quality climbing rope presents an excellent balance of suppleness and rigidity. Woven with a 24-strand, double-braided construction, its robust performance is all but a guarantee. In the challenging world of arboriculture, reliability is non-negotiable, and this rope emerges as a steadfast companion. Every strand of this rope weaves a narrative of craftsmanship, assuring arborists that even when they’re hanging by a thread, it’s a thread they can trust.

As the task at hand dictates, the Husqvarna climbing rope seamlessly transitions between the Stationary Rope System (SRS) and Moving Rope System (MRS). Its static nature minimizes elongation, curtailing bounce, and rendering it an ideal ally for ascending with precision and descending with calculated finesse.

Enhancing both practicality and safety, the Husqvarna climbing rope proudly boasts an approved spliced eye at one end. This integral feature streamlines your workflow, empowering you to focus on the task itself rather than grappling with equipment concerns.

Husqvarna 11.5 mm Climbing Rope Specs

Available Lengths

  • 45 m (Orange)
  • 60 m (Orange)
  • 45 m (Blue)
  • 60 m (Blue)

Item Numbers

  • 45 m (Orange): 534 09 87‑01, 5340987‑01
  • 60 m (Orange): 534 09 87‑02, 5340987‑02
  • 45 m (Blue): 534 09 87‑11, 5340987-11
  • 60 m (Blue): 534 09 87‑12, 5340987‑12


  • Diameter: 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 94 g / m
  • Elongation: 2.2 %
  • Materials: Polyester, Polyamide

Static Strength

  • Splice End Connection: 18 kn
  • Free Length: 24 kn

Approved According To

  • EN 1891A
  • ANSI Z113


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