11.8 mm Climbing Rope – Husqvarna

Experience an elevated level of safety and efficiency in your tree-climbing tasks with the Husqvarna 11.8 mm Climbing Rope. Designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced arborists, this certified rope seamlessly integrates into both Stationary and Moving Rope Systems. Boasting a 32-strand Kernmantle-braided construction, this rope offers exceptional durability and reliability, while the approved spliced eye enhances both safety and convenience. Its static design minimizes stretch, guaranteeing controlled ascents and descents with ease. Embrace this indispensable companion for secure, efficient, and confident climbs.

This rope is available in lengths of 45 or 60 metres, and in two different colours – orange or blue.

NOTE: Arborist ropes have shelf lives, so to ensure you receive the longest amount of use out of the product we only order arborist ropes on request.

RRP (45 metres, orange): $279

RRP (45 metres, blue): $279

RRP (60 metres, orange): $359

RRP (60 metres, blue): $359

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11.8 mm Arborist Climbing Rope

Crafted to enhance your work safety, the Husqvarna 11.8 mm Climbing Rope proves indispensable for arborists of all proficiency levels, whether seasoned professionals or budding enthusiasts. Fully certified and meticulously designed, this versatile climbing rope serves as the ultimate tool for both Stationary and Moving Rope Systems, seamlessly integrating with a range of hardware to ensure a seamless ascent or descent.

As a testament to Husqvarna’s unwavering dedication to safety, this climbing rope proudly features an approved spliced eye at one end. This enhancement not only bolsters work safety but also streamlines your climbing routine, reflecting our commitment to providing tools that amplify both convenience and security.

Elevating your climbing experience, the Husqvarna 11.8 mm Climbing Rope excels in its balance between softness and stability. Its static nature minimizes stretch and reduces bounce, making it an ideal choice for seamless ascents with minimal effort and controlled descents. Whether it’s the precision of a Stationary Rope System (SRS) or the dynamism of a Moving Rope System (MRS), this rope accommodates both, embracing the diversity of climbing methodologies.

Embracing a diameter of 11.8 mm and available in lengths of 45 or 60 meters, this rope exhibits an exemplary fusion of strength and suppleness. The inclusion of an approved splice at one end showcases our commitment to reliability and safety. The intricate 32-strand Kernmantle-braided construction guarantees not only remarkable durability but also sustained dependability, even in the most demanding of tree-climbing scenarios. A Kernmantle braid is a specialized construction technique for ropes, featuring a strong inner core (the “kern”) surrounded by a protective outer sheath (the “mantle”). This design enhances the rope’s strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion, making it ideal for demanding activities like climbing.

Specifications for Husky 11.8 mm Climbing Rope

Available Lengths

  • 45 m (orange)
  • 60 m (orange)
  • 45 m (blue)
  • 60 m (blue)

Item Numbers

  • 45 m (orange): 534 09 88‑01, 5340988‑01
  • 60 m (orange): 534 09 88‑02, 5340988‑02
  • 45 m (blue): 534 09 88‑11, 5340988‑11
  • 60 m (blue): 534 09 88‑12, 5340988‑12


  • Diameter: 11.8 mm
  • Weight: 96.5 g / m
  • Materials: Polyester, Polyamide
  • Elongation: 2.3 %

Static Strength

  • Free Length: 35 kn
  • Splice End Connection: 20 kn

Approved Standards

  • EN 1891A
  • ANSI Z133


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