Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw – 14 Inch, 38.2cc, 1.4kW

Looking for the best 2 stroke chainsaws to help you out with all the little jobs around your garden? Looking for an essential tool for your trade? Look no further than the Husqvarna 120 Mark II chain saw!

The 120 Mark 2 chainsaw is the updated 2019 model from the 236 chainsaw. It offers plenty of innovative features and gives you plenty of reasons to upgrade.

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Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw, 14 inch, 38.2cc, 1.4 kW

Husqvarna Australia is the manufacturer of choice for tradies and homeowners alike who are looking for multipurpose chainsaws.

We’ll run you through what’s new with the 120 Mark 2 chain saw and how it will allow you to take your landscaping to the next level!

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II chain saw is a firm favourite for gardeners, tradesmen and homeowners. With the Husqvarna chainsaw range, you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality petrol saw– even if you’re shopping for the less-powerful chain saws.

Part of the popularity of the old Husqvarna 236 chainsaw was due to the fact that it was so easy to use, this new Mark 2 chain saw makes it even easier. Husqvarna has managed this by fitting the Mark II chainsaw with an innovatively designed carburettor which makes it even quicker to start. The idle facility will also help you to cut the engine and pick up just where you started! Everyone needs a break every now and again!

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw features

Want to reduce the risk of the engine flooding? The combined choke control is on hand to help. The Air Purge feature also helps the smooth operating of these petrol chainsaws even when you’re cold starting.

With this model, the 38.2cc x Torq 2-stroke petrol engine has benefitted from heavy duty engine upgrades including new main bearing, piston ring and main bearing mounts. This means that this is a durable model that will keep you going for years to come! The clever air injection feature make maintaining the 120 Mark II chainsaws as easy as possible too! The feature will help to keep the filter clean.

Conscious about your carbon emissions? You can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing the torque and RPM required.

But how does the operation experience feel? With the anti-vibration system and ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy a comfortable experience with minimal strain on your arms and wrists.

If you’re worried about safety, it’s reassuring to know that with this Husqvarna chainsaw, your safety has been considered. The Husqvarna 120 chainsaw comes with a low kickback feature and an inertia chain brake which will limit your chances of experiencing a kick back.

Summary of Specifications for the 120 Mark II Chain saw

Item Number: 967 86 19‑05, 9678619‑05

  • Air Injection: Extends the interval between filter cleaning, improving efficiency and increases engine life
  • X-Torq®: Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.
  • Combined choke/stop control:  allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of the engine flooding.
  • Cylinder displacement: 38.2 cm³
  • Power output: 1.4 kW
  • Maximum RPM: 9000 RPM
  • Idling RPM: 3000 RPM
  • Bar length (inch): 14″
  • Maximum recommended bar length: 18 inch / 45 cm
  • Minimum recommended bar length: 14 inch / 35cm
  • Maximum power chain speed: 16.8 m/s
  • Chain speed at 133% of maximum engine power speed: 22.3 m/s
  • Weight excluding cutting equipment: 4.85 kg
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear: 100.7 dB(A)
  • Two mass principle: Effectively minimising vibrations by isolating the engine from the handles reducing operator fatigue. Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle: 2.1 m/s². Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle: 2.7 m/s²

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Stockcode: 9678619‑05, 967 86 19‑05, 967861905. This model has replaced the Husqvarna chainsaw 236 e. The Husqvarna chainsaw 236  and 236e chainsaw are discontinued and no longer in stock.