Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer 0.6kW 21.7cc

The Husqvarna 122C Line trimmer has long been regarded as the easiest 2-stroke line trimmer to use for homeowners looking for a lightweight trimmer to keep their domestic property well maintained.

Even though the line trimmer is only a small piece of kit, there are plenty of clever details which ensure ease of use. The two top selling points of the domestic trimmer include the easy-to-hold loop handle and the smart start function.

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Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer, 21.7cc, 0.6kW

Weighing in at 4.46 kg, the line trimmer won’t cause discomfort even after hours of use! Plenty of innovation went into the design to make sure it will need minimum effort to use.

You’ll definitely notice the difference with the smart start cord which reduces resistance by up to 40%! Read on and discover more features offered by one of Husqvarna’s smartest pieces of kit yet.

Husqvarna 122C Whipper Snipper 0.6kW Features

Not only is the Husqvarna whipper snipper lightweight, but it also emits minimal noise which is sure to keep your neighbours happy! There will be no more arguments when you want to tend to your garden in the early hours on a Sunday morning!

We’ve touched on the smart start function briefly, but alongside the reduction in resistance it comes with yet another exciting feature. The auto return stop switch will allow you to return to the setting you were using when you cut the power. The whipper snipper automatically resets to the ‘ON’ setting.

To reduce unnecessary strain during use, the Husqvarna 122C whipper snipper comes with an ergonomically designed handle. The handle not only provides an excellent grip, but it also allows you to operate the line trimmer with an excess strain on the body.

While the 122C model may be the smallest option from Husqvarna’s range, it is still one of the most reliable, trusted tools on the market for small to medium-size landscapes. For those who find using power tools daunting, operating the whipper snipper couldn’t be easier. With the simple controls combined the smart start function you will be ready to go in no time.

Each component of the whipper snipper was built to last and designed to include class-leading features to make your gardening experience a pleasurable one.

When used for domestic use the Husqvarna line trimmer comes with a two year warranty. However, when kept in the optimal condition it will withstand the test of time – even with frequent use!

The 21.7cc 0.6 kW engine was also designed for efficiency, which is why you will notice far less emissions from your average whipper snipper.

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