Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW

Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer 0.85kW – 2-stroke lawn trimmer is the ultimate model when it comes to high performance. The bent-shaft petrol trimmer comes equipped with plenty of power offered by the Husqvarna 129C engine to help you to keep your garden well-maintained throughout the year. Tackling lawn edges doesn’t have to be daunting, with the Husqvarna you can get the job done with ease!

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Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW

There are plenty of innovative features which allows the 129C to offer exceptional amounts of power to homeowners and landscapers looking to use the trimmer on smaller jobs.

Check out the exciting features which take line trimming to the next level!

Husqvarna Trimmer 129C Features

There really is no overestimating the power put out by the 27 cc engine which was built to easily tackle garden maintenance. With a cutting width of 43 cm you’ll be able to cover plenty of ground with the garden trimmer. Leaving all the sections of grass which you touch neat and tidy.

You’ll be quick to notice the ease which the Tap ‘n Go line head offers as it feeds the trimmer line automatically. All you’ll need to do is position the head towards the ground. This means that even when the line wears, you won’t have to cut the engine. The Husqvarna trimmer is not only built to stand the test of time, but it is also designed to tackle lengthy jobs. You’ll only need to stop when you need to take a break!

Given that the garden trimmer is as comfortable as it is easy to use, that means you’ll need to stop less often. Your body will be under no strain thanks to the well-positioned loop handle which boosts manoeuvrability. Even in the most confined of spaces the grass trimmer won’t let you down.

When only the most precise cut will do, there really is no better option than the Husqvarna trimmer which boasts intuitive and easy to operate controls.

As with most of Husqvarna’s models the lawn trimmer is equipped with their trademarked smart start tech. Unlike with most law trimmers, the Husqvarna requires minimal effort to get started. The starter cord’s resistance is up to 40% less than with your average lawn trimmer. To make getting started even smoother, the fuel pump has also been engineered to give you the best start. These features are paired with the clever auto-return stop switch. This will allow you to get right back to the trimming action after you’ve taken a break.

The choke for the engine is easy to reach from the main operating position, and you’ll quickly be able to get to grips with the simple functions.

Last but not least, the transparent fuel tank will also come in handy when it comes to checking when you will need to refill. By making sure that the lawn trimmer never runs on empty you will able to enjoy the power of the lawn trimmer for years to come.

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