15 Litre Backpack Garden Sprayer – Husqvarna

Are you looking for a heavy duty sprayer that provides plenty of power and longevity? Look no further than Husqvarna’s excellent 15 litre backpack sprayer. No matter your residential or commercial needs, this professional backpack garden sprayer is sure to get you perfect results each and every time.

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Professional Backpack Sprayer for Sale

The Husky 15 litre backpack sprayer features a universal design that works well with a wide variety of applications. You can use both liquids and wettable powders with this sprayer, and the sprayer has a chemical resistant build. Thanks to the easy access pump, you can change the seals in a matter of minutes, without additional tools! This sprayer has a max output of 150 psi, and has a 25 psi pressure regulator. This regulator helps to ensure that your spraying is consistent and constant. The sprayer also has 1.2 metres of reinforced PVC hose, combined with a 635 mm stainless steel wand. Altogether, this means this chemical sprayer will endure and keep getting the job done for plenty of time to come.

If you need to change the spray pattern, that’s easy as the brass nozzle allows you to switch between stream, mist and cone options, as well as two flat fans. The hose also has an integrated strain relieving system, which helps reduce and avoid kinking or excessive bending while you work. This preserves the high quality of your sprayer and ensures it can remain reliable in your hands. The harness has a deluxe, comfortable design, and also includes lumbar support. As a result of this high quality harness, you can avoid fatigue on the job, and get through more of your work area.

Item Number: 596 76 59-10, 5967659-10


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