15L Battery Backpack Sprayer – Husqvarna

The powerful 15 litre battery backpack sprayer from Husqvarna is the ultimate option in landscaping and garden spraying. Take advantage of the 1.2 metre hose and 635 mm wand, and the powerful 150 max psi, to deliver consistent pressure to your work surface and get the results you want and deserve. Hook up the 18 volt battery, flip the on/off switch and let the sprayer do the heavy lifting! This particular sprayer holds up to 15 litres and has a comfortable harness for secure and simple movement. The 15L battery sprayer comes with a battery and its charger.

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15 Litre Battery Powered Garden Sprayer

Husqvarna’s 15L battery backpack sprayer features a PVC reinforced hose and a stainless steel wand, guaranteeing durability over time. The internal pump has a “no leak” design as well, further ensuring your sprayer’s long term quality. With this battery sprayer you don’t need to do any pumping. The sprayer does it all, so you just need to point the wand at your target. The 15l electric sprayer can run for up to 4 hours or 190 litres in a single charge – that’s a bit over 12 tanks full of liquid!

To make sure your sprayer is kept intact and functional, the battery compartment is impact resistant and protects the battery from spilled liquids. There are also filters throughout the garden sprayer that reduce solid buildup in the cap, shutoff and pump. As a result of this design, the 15 litre sprayer remains at peak performance for as long as possible. Additionally, the filters are easily accessible for cleaning.

Item Number: 598 96 75-02, 5989675-02


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