200 FO Foldable Saw – Husqvarna


Husqvarna’s fantastic 200 FO foldable saw is one of the best pruning saws on the market, and with added convenience. With an extra long reach of up to 470 mm you can get at branches that are further away – and when you’re ready to wrap up for the day you can just fold the blade back into the handle for easy storage and safekeeping.

200 mm Folding Handsaw Canberra

The 200 FO pruning saw can handle any and all small scale sawing work in your garden or yard. This is a highly effective handsaw that is also lightweight and easy to use. As a result of the hard chrome plated steel blade, you can easily cut branches using one or both hands. The 200FO has a locking mechanism to secure its angle for use or for storage. You can fit the folded saw in your pocket, and just use the thumb hole and lock button to open it back up as needed. Thanks to this design, you can easily move around the yard and get work done at your own pace, with the 200FO saw always safely by your side.

The blade of this saw is shorter than Husqvarna’s fixed saws, as it is 200mm instead of 300mm. However, the handle is longer so overall this saw has an extended reach.

While you are sawing, you don’t need to worry about slippage as there is a stop at the end of the handle to prevent this. The saw handle is also ergonomic for a soft, comfortable grip. Additionally, an eyelet in the saw allows for easy storage in addition to folding it up.

Item Number: 967 23 64‑01, 9672364‑01


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