300 CU Fixed Saw – Husqvarna


The 300 CU Fixed Saw from Husqvarna is an excellent curved handsaw for all your pruning needs. This is a high performance, versatile fixed saw that will last for plenty of time and provide you with perfect cuts with every use. The 300CU has triple grinding and precision toothing that is impulse hardened, ensuring you get smooth saws that work efficiently with less effort.

400 mm Pruning Saw Canberra

The 300 CU fixed saw is part of Husqvarna’s new generation of hand saws, which ensures quality sawing each and every time. Because of the triple grinding tooth design, you get a very smooth pull cut that works well on both dry wood and fresh wood. Thanks to this, you can use the 300 CU in a wide variety of situations for ideal results. The blade of the saw is hard chrome plated to make your branch cutting easier than ever, especially when it comes to notching. This plating also gives the 300CU handsaw resistance against rust and corrosion, for even more longevity.

Other Features of the 300 CU Saw

Several features of the 300CU provide you with practicality and convenience in your sawing. For example, the saw blade is not just durable and powerful, but also easy to replace when needed. There is also an eyelet to easily store and hang the saw, and an included blade cover for protection while not in use. Additionally the 300 CU handsaw has a stop at the handle end, which prevents slippage while you saw.

Item Number: 967 23 66‑01¸ 9672366‑01


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