300 ST Fixed Saw for Sale – Husqvarna


If you want to make straight cuts against branches and tree limbs, Husqvarna’s 300 ST handsaw is the right tool for the job. This straight hand saw is perfect for pruning and will get through foliage with no issues. With the 300ST your pruning experience is easier than ever.

Straight Fixed Pruning Saw for Sale

The 300 ST pruning saw is 400 mm long including the handle, for plenty of length to access various branch sizes. This is a rigid hand saw that provides high performance and excellent results with little effort on your part. This is thanks to the fantastic impulse hardened precision toothing used by the blade, which features triple grinding. Additionally, the blade is hard chrome plated which both protects it from corrosion and rust and also improves the cut.

Additionally, the blade is designed for simplicity and practicality. You can lock the blade into different positions for more convenience, and the handle end has a stop which prevents slipping as you pull the saw. The 300ST pruning saw also has an eyelet which allows you to hang it up wherever works, and a blade cover for added security and to protect the quality of the handsaw.

Item Number: 967 23 65‑01, 9672365‑01


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