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Elevate your yard maintenance with the Husqvarna 325iB Leaf Blower. Effortlessly start with a keypad tap, cruise control for steady power, and boost mode for tougher tasks. Smart battery placement optimizes balance, while low noise and emissions offer eco-friendly efficiency. Unleash the 325iB’s power today for a pristine, quieter, and cleaner outdoor experience.

Note: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO). Batteries and charger sold separately.

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Battery Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

One of the most remarkable aspects of the 325iB blower is its ingenious battery pack placement. Horizontally positioned through the machine’s body, it prevents debris from accumulating in the battery compartment while optimising the blower’s balance. This strategic positioning ensures that the battery’s weight aligns with the desired centre of gravity and rotational axis, resulting in unmatched manoeuvrability. As you effortlessly guide the blower through twists and turns, you’ll appreciate the freedom this design affords you.

The through-body design not only enhances balance but also offers a remarkable degree of flexibility. This innovation allows the blower to accommodate battery packs of varying sizes, granting you the versatility to switch between projects without skipping a beat. Whether you’re tackling a small residential garden or a larger outdoor space, the 325iB battery leaf blower seamlessly adapts to your needs, ensuring you’re always equipped for the task at hand.

A standout feature of the 325iB Blower is its commitment to the environment. Unlike traditional petrol-powered alternatives, this product emits no CO2 during use, making it a conscious choice for eco-conscious gardeners. By opting for the 325iB battery blower, you actively reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the robust power and superior quality that Husqvarna is renowned for. It’s important to note that while CO2 emissions might occur during other stages of the product lifecycle, your decision to use the 325iB contributes to a greener planet during active leaf-clearing sessions.

More 325iB Leaf Blower Features

As you wield the 325iB Leaf Blower, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its remarkably low noise and vibration levels. This thoughtful design ensures a comfortable and serene working environment, allowing you to engage in prolonged leaf-clearing sessions without causing disruptions to your surroundings. Whether you’re tidying up your garden early in the morning or taking advantage of a peaceful evening, the 325iB enables you to tend to your yard with grace and finesse.

Central to the exceptional performance of the 325iB blower is its incredibly efficient brushless motor. This cutting-edge technology boasts a high torque-to-weight ratio, ensuring optimal efficiency, reliability, and an extended product lifespan. With its advanced electric motor fan design, the 325iB stands as a benchmark in the pro battery class, delivering an unrivaled level of performance for your outdoor tasks. Its streamlined components and lightweight motor outshine traditional petrol alternatives, setting new standards for leaf-clearing efficiency.

Experience the epitome of convenience with the 325iB’s interchangeable battery system. The Husqvarna lithium-ion batteries seamlessly transition between all of their battery tools, providing a versatile and swift solution to your outdoor needs. With the ability to quickly swap and recharge batteries, you can effortlessly switch between different tools, maintaining an uninterrupted workflow and maximizing your productivity.

When it comes to handling, the 325iB Leaf Blower raises the bar with its exceptional ergonomics. The blower’s balanced weight distribution, comfortable handle grip, and intuitive keypad combine to create a seamless user experience. No more strain or discomfort – the 325iB seamlessly adapts to your natural movements, enabling you to breeze through your leaf-clearing tasks without skipping a beat.

Specifications of Husqvarna 315iB Blower

Item Number: 967 99 10‑01, 9679910‑01


  • Air Speed (Round Nozzle): 49 m / s
  • Air Flow (Pipe): 11.15 m3 / min
  • Air Flow (Pipe) in Boost Mode: 13 m3 / min
  • Blowing Force: 11 N
  • Blowing Force in Boost Mode: 15 N


  • Voltage: 36 V


  • Round Nozzle
  • Single Harness

Sound / Noise

  • Sound Pressure Level at Ear of Operator: 83 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level (Measured): 98 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level (Guaranteed) (LWA): 100 dB(A)


  • Rear Handle Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq): 2.5 m / s2


  • Weight (Excluding Battery): 2.5 kg

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