325iLK Battery Trimmer for Sale – Husqvarna

Looking for a powerful grass trimmer that can get any task done with ease? You’re sure to love the fantastic Husqvarna 325iLK and its high performance battery powered design. This combi trimmer performs at the same level of output as a 25 cc petrol trimmer, but does so with more efficiency and speed. Battery trimmers also make less noise and are easier to maintain, providing you with a level of convenience you just can’t beat. With both internal and external battery capabilities, and a range of great trimmer attachments, you can customise the 325 iLK to get the perfect tool for the job. Just adjust the front handle for your ideal comfort and control levels, and you’re good to go!

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Husqvarna Electric Grass Trimmer Canberra

The 325iLK battery trimmer features a high quality brushless motor that provides a slew of handy benefits to your user experience. The motor has a high torque to weight ratio which helps to improve the whipper snipper’s reliability and consistency, as well as efficiency. It also helps to reduce the noise level compared to petrol equivalents, and overall extends the longevity of the 325 iLK. This battery powered trimmer reaches noise levels up to 13 dB(A) quieter than petrol models – this is a massive difference as each decrease of 3 dB(A) is perceived as the sound level halving. So ultimately, the 325iLK whipper snipper is much softer on the ears for yourself and those around you. As a result, you can work more comfortably, and also work in more public areas without issue.

As an electric trimmer, you never need to top up the fuel, and there are fewer parts that will need servicing. Because of this, operation costs are lower than petrol trimmers and it takes less time out of your day to fix up the snipper. The Tap ‘N Go™ design of the trimmer head is also great because of the quick line feed. You can easily refill the line and take advantage of the heavy duty twin line cut for perfect results.

Specs for the Husqvarna 325 iLK

Item Number: 967 85 01‑03, 9678501‑03


  • Battery Voltage: 36 V
  • Type of Battery: Li-Ion


  • Cutting Width: 42 cm


  • Shell Weight (no battery or cutting equipment): 3.4 kg
  • Tube Diameter: 24 mm
  • Total Length: 179 cm


  • Motor: BLDC (Brushless)


  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Drive Gear Angle: 60 °
  • Trimmer Head Model: T35 M10
  • Not Included: Harness, Saw blade, Grass blade, Battery, Battery charger

Sound and Noise

  • Sound Power Level, Guaranteed (LWA): 96 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level (Operator’s Ear): 82 dB(A)

Pick Up / Delivery of this Husky Whipper Snipper

Not sure if this is the right battery trimmer for your needs or budget? If you would like some help figuring this out, call our shop staff at 02 6242 8996. We can go into greater detail about the 325iLK, as well as tell you about other models that might suit you. If you’re in the Canberra area, you can also stop by our shop in Mitchell to talk in person, get a good look at the best whipper snippers in Mitchell, or pick up your order.

Have your heart set on the 325 iLK but can’t make it into the shop to pick it up? Not a problem! We can deliver your grass trimmer Canberra wide, no matter where you area in the ACT. We also service surrounds including Murrumbateman and Queanbeyan. Just use our email contact form or call 02 6242 8996, let us know what you need and where you need it delivered, and we’ll put together a quote.

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