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Elevate your landscaping prowess with the Husqvarna 325iRJ Brushcutter. Unleash the might of its 36V battery, equivalent to a 25cc petrol engine, conquering dense grass and brush effortlessly. Designed for balance, its rear-mounted brushless E-torq motor guarantees maximum efficiency and durability. Enjoy comfort with the ergonomic handle, digital UI, and harness. This weatherproof dynamo, part of Husqvarna’s BLi-X system, ensures precision and power, while the CO2 emission-free operation underscores your commitment to eco-friendliness.

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO) – batteries and chargers are sold separately.

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Battery Brush Cutter for Sale

At the heart of the 325iRJ electric brushcutter is a cutting-edge brushless E-TORQ motor, a masterpiece of engineering that ensures maximum efficiency and durability. The motor’s active cooling system guarantees consistent performance even during prolonged and demanding tasks. Positioned at the rear for optimal balance and motor protection, this brushless wonder delivers power where it’s needed most, making every stroke precise and effortless. With the 325iRJ brush cutter no job is too difficult.

The 325iRJ’s brushless E-TORQ motor is engineered to withstand the harshest professional demands, boasting a maintenance-free design and a lifespan that matches the product’s longevity. Its lightweight and ergonomic design further enhance comfort, while its IPX4 weatherproof classification guarantees year-round operation, regardless of weather conditions.

Say goodbye to discomfort and strain with the ergonomic handle of the 325iRJ , specially designed to provide a comfortable grip and reduce fatigue during extended use. The digital user interface brings modern convenience to your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly control and monitor the brushcutter’s functions. Complete with a harness and soft grip handle, the 325iRJ ensures you can tackle any terrain with ease, maintaining comfort even during longer tasks.

As part of Husqvarna’s revolutionary BLi-X 36V battery system, the 325iRJ incorporates cutting-edge design to optimize performance. The smart battery pack position, placed horizontally through the machine’s body, minimizes the risk of dirt, dust, and water accumulation, preventing connector issues. This strategic placement also enhances maneuverability by placing the battery’s weight at the desired center of gravity and rotational axis.

Make an environmentally conscious choice with the 325iRJ electric brushcutter which produces zero CO2 emissions during use. By opting for this battery-driven powerhouse, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions without compromising on power and quality.

Convenience and Efficiency, All in One

The 325iRJ’s optimized gear angle guarantees unparalleled cutting performance, allowing you to effortlessly slice through grass and brush. The carefully designed shaft length and 35-degree bevel gear facilitate smooth operation, ensuring the cutting equipment works parallel to the ground for a pristine finish.

Equipped with a range of accessories, the 325iRJ guarantees perfect results every time. The included trimmer head, Combi Guard, and metal grass blade offer versatile cutting options, ensuring your landscaping projects are executed flawlessly. Whether you’re dealing with intricate edges or wide expanses, this brushcutter has you covered.

With the Tap ‘n’ Go trimmer head, line feeding becomes a breeze, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. The heavy-duty twin line cutting system simplifies your work, while the intuitive keypad allows you to fine-tune settings with a simple touch. LED indicators keep you informed about the battery status, so you’re always in control.

Thanks to the integrated harness and eyelet, the 325iRJ electric brushcutter offers a comfortable working position, allowing you to breeze through tasks with minimal strain.

Husqvarna 325iRJ Brushcutter Specifications

Item Number: 970 56 70‑01, 9705670‑01


  • Motor: BLDC (Brushless)
  • Speed at Maximum Power: 8,400 rpm


  • Grass Blade: Grass 255-3
  • Harness: Single Harness
  • Trimmer Head: T35 M10
  • Handle Type: Loop


  • Voltage: 36 V


  • Cutting Width: 42 cm // 17 inch


  • Gear Ratio: 1


  • Weight (No Battery, No Cutting Equipment): 3.1 kg
  • Tube Diameter: 24 mm
  • Tube Length: 1.436 m

Sound, Noise

  • Sound Pressure Level at Operator Ears: 79 dB(A)

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