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Discover the Husqvarna 430X NERA Automower, your ultimate solution for a pristine lawn without the effort! This advanced robotic mower is designed for efficiency, navigating complex landscapes with ease. Its smart technology adapts to your lawn’s unique contours, ensuring a perfect cut every time. Enjoy the convenience of controlling it from your phone, and marvel at its eco-friendly operation.

This model is wired only. Husqvarna EPOS Plug-In Kit sold separately for wireless adaptability.

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High Quality Robot Mower Canberra

Introducing the Husqvarna 430X NERA Automower, a new powerhouse in comprehensive lawn care. With its focuses on excellent functionality, perfect visual results, and wireless control, the NERA 430X is ideal for the modern homeowner seeking an effortlessly maintained lawn. This advanced robotic mower is designed to handle lawns up to 3200 m², making lawn maintenance a hassle-free experience.

A key feature of the 430X NERA is its functionality through the Automower Connect app, letting you set virtual boundaries for precision mowing. This is furthered by Automower Zone Control, which allows you to create multiple work areas with specific settings and temporary no-go zones. This level of customisation ensures that the mower performs according to your specific needs and preferences, giving you exactly what you want.

The 430X mower can easily navigate the most complex landscapes and avoid obstacles, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted mowing session. This is because of both the intelligent object avoidance system and its ability to handle slopes up to 50% or 27 degrees. Additionally, the GPS-assisted navigation system optimises lawn coverage by creating a map of your garden and tracking covered areas.

Perhaps one of the best features of the 430X automower is its Smart Home integration, connecting to systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. This makes using the mower more convenient through options like voice command. The GPS theft protection is equally vital, reducing the risk of theft by letting you track the mower’s position through the Automower Connect app, keeping an eye on it at all times.

More Features of the Husqvarna 430X NERA

The 430X NERA features an intuitive, user-friendly onboard control interface, providing easy control and monitoring. Furthermore, Husqvarna’s AIM Technology, which creates a virtual map of your lawn through GPS signals and sensors, allows you to enable even more smart features. These include the ability to set different cutting heights and schedules, or create stay-out zones for personalised lawn maintenance.

A standout feature of the NERA 430X automatic mower is its Rewilding Mode, promoting biodiversity by leaving 10% of your lawn unmown. This feature demonstrates the mower’s accuracy and environmental consciousness, reserving a chosen section of your lawn for more growth.

Practical features like firmware updates through FOTA, a frost guard, and a weather timer, make lawn care as effortless as possible. Each of these ensures that you can get your lawn looking perfect, practically without lifting a finger. The 430X robotic mower even includes a spot cutting mode for specific areas of longer grass and an electric cutting height adjustment feature for precision control.

430X NERA Automower Specs

Item Number: 970 53 52‑06, 9705352‑06


  • Area Capacity: 3,200 m2
  • Automatic Charging System
  • Boundary Type: Wire
  • Follow Guide: 2
  • Maximum Slope Performance (Boundary): 25 %
  • Maximum Slope Performance (Within Installation): 50 %
  • Maximum Active Time: 24 hours
  • Search System: Quadsearch


  • Capacity: 5 Ah
  • Charging Current: 2.2 A
  • Mean Energy Consumption per Month (Max Usage): 10 kWh
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Typical Charge Time: 40 min
  • Typical Mow Time Per Charge: 145 min

Cutting System

  • 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
  • Cutting Height (Minimum – Maximum): 20 – 60 mm
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Electric
  • Cutting Width: 24 cm
  • Dual Cutting Direction Included
  • Skid Plate Included


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi
  • Control App: Automower Connect
  • Display: Colour Display TFT 2,8” QVGA
  • FOTO Firmware Update
  • Smart Home Integration: Yes
  • User Interface: Jogwheel, LEDs (Display, Status), App

Included Safety Features

  • Alarm
  • GeoFence
  • GPS Theft Tracking
  • Lift Sensor
  • Object Detection via Radar Sensor
  • PIN Code
  • Tilt Sensor


  • Product Size (Length x Width x Height): 75 x 54 x 28 cm
  • Weight (No Side Packed Articles): 14.6 kg


  • Colour: Grey
  • Perceived Sound Level: 56 dB(A)
  • Protection Index (IP Code): IPX5

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