520iHE3 Battery Hedge Cutter – Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s fantastic 520iHE3 battery hedge cutter is one of the best options on the market if you need a high quality pole hedger that can get the job done quietly, comfortably and no matter the situation. Use the 3.5 metre pole to reach high up or far away and take care of otherwise difficult trimming jobs, and work in comfort and peace with the quiet brushless motor and battery build. The 520i HE3 is especially durable and resilient thanks to an excellent metal housing and impact guard, ensuring the safety of your machine. Investing in one of these excellent hedge trimmers is a great long term decision and is sure to enhance your trimming experience for plenty of time to come.

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO); batteries and battery charger sold separately.

RRP (Machine Unit Only): $849. Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

Pole Hedge Trimmer for Sale

Whether you need to trim hedges in commercial, residential or noise sensitive areas, the 520iHE3 battery hedge cutter does it all spectacularly. In addition to the long reaching pole, you can adjust the angle of the cutter bar itself. As a result, you can take care of the tops of hedges without straining yourself. The handle is also ergonomic for better comfort as you work, and it has easy controls access to improve productivity and efficiency onsite. These controls, found on the key pad, are intuitive and simple to use. When you need to travel to, from or between work locations, the 520iHE3 cutter bar can fold down and become compact for much easier transport.

The battery design of the 520i HE3 make it ideal for versatile performance depending on the environment you’re in and the needs of the job. for example, if you need to work for longer and can afford lower cutting power, just switch the trimmer to its savE™ mode for an extended runtime. You also don’t need to refill a fuel tank or repair various parts found in petrol models, making this a low maintenance device that is easy to care for over time. Battery hedge cutters are also much quieter than petrol equivalents, with a difference of up to 13dB(A), making them suitable for low noise environments including hospitals and hotels.

As a nice bonus, the 520iHE3 hedge cutter is compatible with all BLi batteries and chargers from Husqvarna. This means that if you already own some BLi batteries that you use for a different Husky battery powered machine, they work just as well in this hedger as well! Because of this compatibility, you don’t need to buy new batteries every time you want to get a new Husqvarna tool.

Husqvarna 520i HE3 Specs

Item Number: 967 91 58‑13, 9679158‑13


  • Cutting Speed: 4,000 cut / min


  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Voltage: 36 V


  • Type of Motor: BLDC / Brushless


  • Knife Length: 55 cm
  • Teeth Opening: 32 mm


  • Length (Normal): 227 cm
  • Length (Transportation Mode): 150 cm
  • Weight (Excl. Battery): 4.2 kg

Sound & Noise

  • Sound Power Level (Guaranteed, LWA): 95 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level (At Operator Ear): 84 dB(A)


  • Equivalent Vibration Level of Rear Handle (ahv, eq): 1.7 m / s2
  • Equivalent Vibration Level of Front Handle (ahv, eq): 2.6 m / s2

More Questions About This Battery Powered Hedger?

If you are still not quite sure about the 520iHE3 and whether it best suits your needs, we can help! Just call 02 6242 8996 to speak with our friendly shop staff, who can answer all your questions about these Husqvarna hedgers. Whether you want to know more about this particular model, or hear about alternates that might better suit your needs, we are well equipped to give you the information you need. If you happen to be in the Canberra area, we also have a store in Mitchell! You can pop in, say hi and browse the range in person.

When you are ready to make your order, it might turn out that you are unable to come pick it up. In that case, you should know that we deliver hedge trimmers Canberra wide! Whether you are nearby northside, or further south like in the Tuggeranong area, we have you covered! We are also able to deliver to ACT surrounds including Yass, Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Royalla and Bungendore. To arrange your delivery quote all you need to do is let us know the specifics via 02 6242 8996 or our email contact form.

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