522iHD75 Battery Hedge Trimmer – Husqvarna

Unleash your hedge trimming potential with the Husqvarna 522iHD75 Battery Hedge Trimmer! Picture effortless precision as sharp trim blades sculpt hedges to perfection. Feel the power of cordless freedom, powered by the advanced BLi-X 36V battery system. From sculpting dream landscapes to mastering unruly edges, redefine your outdoor oasis. Elevate your trimming prowess and be the envy of your neighbourhood. Experience the future of landscaping today!

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO) – batteries and chargers are sold separately.

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Powerful Husqvarna Hedger Canberra

At the heart of the 522iHD75 battery hedge trimmer lies a 75cm double-sided cutter bar with three-sided trim cutting blades. These blades are as sharp as they are ingenious and the whole thing is propelled by a fantastic high-speed gear. This configuration empowers you to express your creative flair while sculpting hedges to absolute perfection. Every glide is a testament to the engineering excellence that defines Husqvarna, setting new standards for hedge maintenance.

Designed for professionals who demand nothing short of excellence, the Husqvarna 522iHD75 boasts an expertly balanced design that provides ergonomic perfection. The machine’s low handle vibrations not only minimize fatigue but also grant you enhanced control, even during extended usage. This ensures that every trim is a seamless extension of your intent, resulting in a perfectly sculpted hedge.

Underpinning the 522iHD75’s performance is the cutting-edge BLi-X 36V battery system. This innovation opens the door to a world of versatility, offering a range of battery options that span from integrated solutions to backpack and belt setups. These batteries are not only built for the long haul, boasting exceptional durability, but also offer rapid recharging and effortless swapping. The revolutionary through-body battery placement takes manoeuvrability and balance to new heights, allowing you to effortlessly traverse the most challenging landscapes. Whether you choose the freedom of cordless operation or opt for the extended runtime provided by a backpack battery or battery belt, the 522iHD75 stands ready to meet your unique needs.

More Features of the 522iHD75 Battery Powered Hedger

At the heart of the Husqvarna 522iHD75’s precision lies its finely tuned trim cut blades. Forged from hardened steel and perfected with optimized teeth geometry, these blades are nothing short of cutting-edge marvels. The result is an unprecedented cutting speed that transforms trimming from a chore to an art form. With a three-speed mode at your fingertips, you have the power to tailor your cutting performance to the exact requirements of each task, finding the perfect balance between efficiency and battery longevity.

Staying in control has never been easier, thanks to the integrated connectivity offered by Husqvarna Fleet Services™. This intelligent feature empowers you to effortlessly monitor machine usage, track service history, and even pinpoint the precise location of the 522iHD75 battery hedge trimmer. Furthermore, firmware updates ensure that your trimmer remains in perfect harmony with the latest advancements, delivering a performance that’s nothing short of exceptional. And best of all for professional users, the Fleet Services app lets you monitor multiple machines at once, ensuring even the biggest and most complex jobs are easy to manage.

No challenge is too great for the Husqvarna 522iHD75, which proudly holds an IPX4 rain resistance classification. This remarkable feature ensures that the trimmer remains steadfast in the face of ever-changing weather conditions. Be it under the scorching sun or amidst a gentle drizzle, the 522iHD75 stands as your unwavering companion, poised to conquer every landscaping challenge that comes its way.

Husqvarna 522iHD75 – Specifications List

Item Number: 970 46 61‑02, 9704661‑02


  • Cutting Speed: 4400 cut / min


  • Type: Lithium ion / Li-Ion
  • Voltage: 36 V


  • Motor Type: BLDC (brushless)


  • Knife Length: 75 cm
  • Teeth Opening: 30 mm


  • Weight Excluding Battery: 3.8 kg
  • Length: 134 cm

Sound + Noise

  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LWA): 95 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level at Operator Ears: 81 dB(A)


  • Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq) of Rear Handle: 1.8 m / s2
  • Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq) of Front Handle: 1.4 m / s2

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