Husqvarna 530iPX Pole Saw – 10 Inch, 36V, 1.1 kW

Husqvarna’s 530iPX is a top-of-the-line battery powered polesaw that perfectly fits professional standards. It has an IPX4 rain resistance rating for year-round use, and you apply different settings for maximum power or runtime. The through body battery design lets you more easily move the saw, while the high chain speed allows for fast and precise cutting. Enjoy quiet operation with up to 13 dB(A) lower noise level than petrol machines. With the reliable and low-maintenance Husqvarna 530iPX, you can get the job done comfortably and efficiently.

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO), battery and battery charger sold separately.

RRP: $799. Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

Weatherproof Battery Pole Saw for Sale

The standout feature of the 530iPX battery powered pole saw is its IPX4 weatherproof rating. This qualification means the saw can withstand exposure to rain or harsh weather conditions, making it a durable and reliable tool for all seasons. Moreover, the savE™ mode feature allows the operator to choose between maximum power or runtime, depending on the specific job’s needs, ensuring the best possible results for each task.

The 530iPX features an intuitive keypad, making it easy to operate, even for inexperienced users. Furthermore, the machine’s in-house developed, advanced brushless motor provides high and consistent torque, making the saw efficient and powerful. The saw’s ergonomic handle is designed to provide greater comfort and easy access to the controls, while the harness eyelet relieves weight on the user’s arms and shoulders, enabling them to work more comfortably for longer periods.

The 530iPX pole saw has a high chain speed for fast, smooth cutting, while the impact guard at the rear protects the integrated battery from wear and damage. Additionally, the saw’s noise level is up to 13 dB(A) lower than that of a petrol machine, which makes it perfect for use in public areas. The saw’s low maintenance requirements also make it an attractive option for professionals seeking a cost-effective machine. With no need for fuel refills and fewer parts to service, the electronic drive system results in minimal downtime, allowing for more efficient and productive use of the saw.

Battery Features of the 530iPX Pole Saw

The patented battery-through-body design of the 530iPX provides multiple benefits to the operator, including reduced risk of dirt and water accumulation in the battery compartment, resulting in fewer connector issues. The battery’s weight is also strategically placed near the centre of gravity, allowing for better control and manoeuvrability of the saw, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking an efficient and high-performance machine. Additionally, the saw’s through-body design is flexible, allowing the use of different-sized battery packs, which is especially useful when switching between tools or tasks.

Finally, the 530iPX is part of Husqvarna’s flexible battery system, which offers a wide range of options, from lightweight integrated to backpack batteries. These batteries are built to be used for an extended period, quick to recharge, and even quicker to swap for continuous use, allowing the user to work efficiently across various Husqvarna tools. With its outstanding performance, reliability, and flexibility, the Husqvarna 530iPX is an ideal choice for professional forestry clearing work.

Husqvarna 530iPX Polesaw Specifications

Item Number: 967 88 51-10, 9678851-10


  • Power output: 1.1 kW
  • Oil tank volume: 0.15 l
  • Motor type: BLDC (brushless)


  • Connectivity: Corded


  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery voltage: 36 V
  • Number of batteries included: 0


  • Chain speed at max power: 20 m/s


  • Pitch: 3/8”
  • Recommended bar length, max: 30 cm
  • Recommended bar length, min: 25 cm
  • Bar length (inch): 10 in
  • Chain type: H37
  • Battery: not included
  • Battery charger: not included


  • Skin Weight (No Battery, No Cutting Equipment): 3.1 kg

Noise + Sound

  • Sound Pressure Level for Operators Ear: 96 dB(A)
  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LWA): 101 dB(A)


  • Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq) of the Rear Handle: 1.2 m/s2

Learn More About Electric Pole Saws in Canberra

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