Husqvarna 562 XP Chainsaw – 59.8cc, 3.5kW

We have the Husqvarna 562 XP Petrol Chainsaw for sale in Canberra. The 562 XP chainsaw is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to achieve professional-grade cuts with ease. Equipped with advanced features like X-Torq technology, this chainsaw delivers unparalleled performance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort, even during extended use, and the air injection system keeps the engine clean and running smoothly. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just looking to tackle some tough DIY projects, the 562 XP is the chainsaw for you.

This product is available with one of two bar and chain lengths – 18 inch or 20 inch.

RRP (18 inch or 20 inch): $1769. Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

X-Torq 60cc Chainsaw Canberra

The Husqvarna 562 XP petrol chainsaw is perfect for professional loggers, tree care workers, and skilled landowners. This is an exceptional saw designed with innovation in mind. This chainsaw features cutting-edge design and a range of features that provide efficient and convenient operation.

One of the most convenient features of the Husqvarna 562 XP® is its AutoTune technology. This advanced feature automatically optimizes engine performance based on various factors such as fuel type, altitude, humidity, temperature, and clogged air filters. As a result, you no longer have to worry about adjusting the carburetor, ensuring optimal engine performance at all times.

This saw also features X-TORQ® engine technology that delivers powerful and efficient performance. X-TORQ increases the efficiency of your fuel by up to 20% while reducing emissions by up to 60%. So, if you are environmentally conscious, this chainsaw is an ideal choice. This technology has been designed to meet the world’s strictest environmental regulations, ensuring that you can use this saw with confidence.

Longevity and Durability in the 562 XP Chainsaw

The 562 XP® has been designed with longevity and durability in mind. It is equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system that expels larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter. This reduces the frequency of filter cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to work more efficiently. The saw’s Flip-Up Fuel Cap is easy to open and secures firmly, even when wearing thick gloves. The low weight on all moving engine parts and the two-mass principle significantly reduce vibrations for more comfortable operation.

This chainsaw features an adjustable oil pump that allows you to customize and control oil flow to meet your specific needs. This ensures optimal chain lubrication for any application. The saw’s quick-release air filter makes it easy to remove and replace the filter after cleaning, while the magnesium crankcase is designed for professional use and can withstand high RPMs and tough professional use. The combined Choke/Stop Control feature provides easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding, while the snap-lock filter cover and cylinder cover make maintenance a breeze.

The Husqvarna 562 XP® has been designed for maximum durability and can handle even the toughest jobs. It features a forged three-piece crankshaft that delivers maximum durability, while its side-mounted chain tensioner is conveniently located for quick and easy chain adjustments. Its slimmed-down design and low, slender saw body make it easy and convenient to handle in any situation. The felling marks provide better felling precision with their distinct and coloured design, and the transparent fuel indicator makes it easy to check the fuel level.

Other Features of the 562XP

Other features of the Husqvarna 562 XP chain saw include Smart Start® technology, which makes starting the saw easy and fast with minimum effort. Its inertia-activated chain brake helps reduce the likelihood of injury due to kickback, while the air purge removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for very easy starting. Finally, the saw’s retained bar nuts prevent the bar nuts from getting lost during use, ensuring safe and efficient operation at all times.

Overall, the 562XP chainsaw is an excellent choice for those who need a powerful, reliable, and durable chainsaw that is perfect for professional use. Its innovative features, cutting-edge design, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for a wide range of users. Whether you are a professional logger, a tree care worker, or a skilled landowner, this saw is sure to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Specifications of Husky 562 XP Chainsaw

NOTE: Other than item numbers and bar lengths, all specs are identical between models.

Item Numbers

  • 18 Inch Bar: 970 50 21‑38, 9705021‑38
  • 20 Inch Bar: 970 50 21‑40, 970 50 21‑40


  • Chain Speed (Max Power): 21.3 m / s
  • Cylinder Displacement: 59.8 cm3
  • Power Output: 3.5 kW


  • Exhaust Emissions (CO2 EU V): 777 g / kWh


  • Recommended Bar Length (Min-Max): 38-70 cm // 15-28 inch
  • Pitch: 3/8”
  • Chain Type: C85

Bar Length Options

  • 45 cm // 18 inch
  • 50 cm // 20 inch


  • Weight Without Cutting Equipment: 6.1 kg

Sound & Noise

  • Sound Pressure Level At Operators Ear: 106 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level, Guaranteed (LWA): 118 dB(A)


  • Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq) Front Handle: 3.2 m / s2
  • Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq) Rear Handle: 5 m / s2

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