8 Litre Handheld Sprayer for Sale – Husqvarna

With a great tank capacity of 8 litres, this Husqvarna handheld garden sprayer lets you get the job done in record time and with impressive results. Whether you need to fertilise your garden, weed the lawn or apply other chemicals like insecticides, this Husky sprayer has got you covered. With a powerful compression pump you can get the job done with no troubles whatsoever.

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8 Litre Pump Sprayer for Sale

One of the best features about this 8 litre handheld sprayer is its controlled pressurisation. The pressure release valve provides you with manual control over releasing pressure. Not only does this mean that you can safely open the tank, but it also relieves excess pressure in case there is too much. This way, your safety is always a top priority. The tank itself is tear shaped which means it has a lower centre of gravity. This means that you have better stability and can work comfortably. You can also secure the wand to the tank thanks to the vertical storage that also protects the nozzle.

This is a very durable machine, as the hose has a reinforced PVC construction. Additionally, the 635mm wand uses stainless steel in its makeup for strength. You can adjust the brass nozzle to various spray patterns – choose from stream, cone or mist patterns to get the results you want. The shut-off is commercial grade for your security, and there is also a lock on feature. Not only that, the inline filter of this Husqvarna weed sprayer is very easy to clean. Because of all of these features, you can be confident in the power and reliability of your sprayer and take care of business with no worries.

Item Number: 596 76 61-10, 5967661-10


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