8L Battery Handheld Weed Sprayer – Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s excellent 8 litre battery handheld sprayer is a wonderful tool for spot treating and taking care of smaller spray jobs. This particular sprayer has a lithium ion battery which removes the need to pump and sprays with a powerful maximum of 90 litres in each charge. The sprayer comes with a battery and its charger, so you can get started as soon as possible. Just press the on/off switch and you can get right to work!

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Handheld Electric Garden Sprayer

The 8L battery handheld weed sprayer is incredibly durable with a reinforced PVC hose and stainless steel wand. The hose and its accompanying strain relief nut will avoid kinking and provide you with plenty of use over time. This sprayer wand is chemical resistant, which means it is perfect for things like weeding, fertilising and pest control – this is partially thanks to the poly linter. Husqvarna’s battery sprayer also has a high quality air compressor head that ensures the tank is properly pressurised for optimal spraying.

This sprayer works with a wide variety of chemicals, including water based products, low viscosity liquids and wettable powders. The goal is to ensure you have the best range of options possible so the sprayer is always useful. This sprayer also comes with a premium shoulder strap if you need both hands as you go.

Item Number: 599 70 74-01, 5997074-01


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