A1400 Universal Axe – Husqvarna


Tradies working in construction or forestry will absolutely love these universal axes from Husqvarna! The A1400 composite axe is perfect for all sorts of applications onsite and has a design that will provide high quality performance and results for plenty of time to come. Take advantage of the optimised balance point for a perfect swing and cut, or use the hammer function alongside a (non steel) splitting wedge. No matter how you use the Husqvarna A1400 universal axe, you’re sure to get through the day’s work with ease.

A1400 Husqvarna Composite Handled Axe for Sale

Your woodworking worries are over thanks to the fantastic design of Husqvarna’s A1400 axe. This composite universal axe includes a non stick coating on the head for reduced friction and a cleaner entry into any wood. The head also has a geometry specifically designed for wood working, including forest and construction tasks. The balance point of the axe is also close to the head, which gives it perfect weight distribution and balance for the ideal cut. You can even use the head’s milled backside to hammer against wedges – except steel wedges as steel-on-steel contact can be dangerous.

As a composite axe, the PA shaft with fibre reinforcement is incredibly durable for a long lifespan. The shaft also has stainless steel protection, ensuring even more longevity from your A1400.

Specifications of the A1400 Universal Axe

  • Item Number: 580 76 11-01, 5807611-01
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 1.565 kg
  • Axe Head Weight: 1 kg
  • Edge Cover: Yes


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