A2400 Universal Axe – Husqvarna


Looking for a high quality, large sized axe that will get the job done in any environment? The A2400 Universal Axe from Husqvarna should be just right for your needs. This is an excellent composite axe that work well in construction and forestry worksites. It is similar to the A1400 from Husqvarna’s composite axe line, but is larger and heavier, giving you the extra force you want for larger logs and trees.

A2400 Universal Axe Canberra

If power and durability are what you’re looking for in an axe, you can’t go wrong with the Husqvarna A2400. This fantastic universal axe is designed to give you an easy cut into the wood with a special coating on the head. As a result of the well balanced design, with optimal weight distribution for your grip, you can get the most amount of power and penetration out of your swing and your cut. With the hammer function – the milled backside of the axehead – you can hammer down a non-steel splitting wedge to more easily split apart a log. This A2400 axe is built to last with a fibre reinforced composite shaft, ensuring you can get the most out of your axe.

A2400 Husqvarna Axe – Specs

  • Item number: 580 76 12-01, 5807612-01
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Weight: 2.51 kg
  • Weight of the Axe Head: 1.8 kg
  • Edge Cover Provided


If you want a smaller sized universal axe, check out the A1400 Universal Axe. If this isn’t the axe or hatchet you were looking for, try browsing our other available models over at the main axes and hatchets page.