Accessory Bag for Toolbelts – Husqvarna


Looking for an all-rounder belt accessory that can carry all sorts of helpful equipment onsite? This Husqvarna accessory bag might be perfect for your needs. You can chuck a water bottle, fire extinguisher or other tool into this bag, attach it to your forestry belt or battery belt, and keep your essentials close at hand at all times.

Toolbelt Accessory Bag Canberra

This sort of accessory bag is an excellent addition to any tool belt for a wide variety of purposes. You always want to stay hydrated when you’re hard at work, which might make this the perfect way to bring a water bottle along with you. Alternately, a mini extinguisher can be handy depending on the environment you’re heading into. No matter the situation, you can always find something to do with this general use toolbelt bag from Husqvarna. Just attach the bag to your battery belt or forestry belt and get to it!

Item Number: 596 25 29‑01, 5962529‑01


If this isn’t quite the belt accessory you were after, or if you’d like to see a wider selection of equipment that can help you with forestry and chainsaw related tasks, that’s not a problem! Just head back to the main chain saw accessories for sale page and see what else we have to offer.