Aspire 18-C70 Battery Charger – Husqvarna

We now have the excellent Husqvarna Aspire 18-C70 Battery Charger for sale! Unleash the power of speed and efficiency with its cutting-edge fast-charging technology. Compatible with both Husqvarna Aspire and POWER FOR ALL Alliance 18 V batteries, this compact charger is a game-changer for every power tool enthusiast. Embrace seamless productivity with the 18C70 – your ultimate charging companion!

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Husqvarna 18 V Battery Charger Canberra

The 18-C70 Battery Charger is compatible with both the 18-B45 battery and 18-B72 battery for maximum versatility. But it doesn’t just work with Husqvarna Aspire tools! You can use the 18 C70 with any and all 18 V batteries under the POWER FOR ALL Alliance system, making it an indispensable tool. Experience the lightning-fast charging technology that will get you back to work in no time. The 18 C70’s LED indicator provides real-time updates on the charging status, keeping you informed and ready to tackle your next project with ease.

The 18-C70 Husqvarna Aspire Compact Charger is a true game-changer when it comes to powering up your batteries. Witness the impressive performance as the 18-B45 (2.5 Ah) battery achieves an 80% charge in just 40 minutes, with a full 100% charge reached in only 60 minutes. Equally remarkable, the 18-B72 (4.0 Ah) battery reaches 80% capacity in a mere 64 minutes, with a complete 100% charge attained in just 95 minutes. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to unparalleled productivity with the 18-C70 Husqvarna Aspire Compact Charger!

The 18C70 is your all in one power solution through the POWER FOR ALL Alliance, a robust cross-brand battery alliance comprising leading manufacturers. Eliminate the need for multiple chargers and effortlessly power up your entire lineup of batteries and products. Embrace the freedom to charge efficiently and keep your tools ready for action at all times. Choose the 18-C70 Husqvarna Aspire Compact Charger for an elevated charging experience like no other.

Huqvarna Aspire 18C70 Charger Specs

Item Number: 9706010-03¸ 970 60 10-03

Product Data

  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • GTIN-13 / EAN: 7333377024441


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