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Discover the exceptional comfort and performance of the Husqvarna Balance X Harness! Engineered with precision, it distributes weight seamlessly, reducing strain during tasks. Featuring a ventilated back plate, adjustable shock-absorbing hip pad, and effortless fitting, it guarantees a snug fit and optimal support. With an ergonomic design and a quick-release feature for safety, this harness ensures maximum comfort and productivity.

Balanced Brushcutter Harness

The hallmark of the Husqvarna Balance X Harness lies in its ingenious load distribution system. It masterfully distributes the weight across a generous surface area, a feature that can’t be emphasized enough. This thoughtful design greatly reduces the strain on your body, ensuring that you can work tirelessly without compromising your well-being. No matter the task at hand, the Balance X Harness ensures you stay comfortable throughout your journey.

The wide and well-ventilated back plate, combined with the generously proportioned shoulder pads, play a pivotal role in delivering unparalleled comfort. They both alleviate pressure and maintain a pleasant airflow against your back, keeping you cool and collected during prolonged use. Furthermore, this design optimises load balance between your left and right shoulders, as well as between your hip and shoulder. As a result of this design choice, you receive a harmonious weight distribution.

Other Balance X Harness Features

The shock-absorbing hip pad is a standout feature of the Husqvarna Balance X Harness. It can be seamlessly adjusted to suit your needs, no matter the environment nor the job. This adaptability ensures that you maintain your agility and flexibility, no matter the task at hand. Plus, the inclusion of a travel connection adds an extra layer of convenience, making it a breeze to switch between different tasks.

Finding the perfect fit is effortless with this harness. An easy-to-use chest plate and hip belt adjustment system ensures that you achieve a snug and secure fit with minimal fuss. It’s all about making your life easier, so you can focus on what matters most – getting the job done.

Safety is paramount, and the Husqvarna Balance X Harness doesn’t disappoint in this department. Thanks to its quick-release mechanism, you can swiftly remove your equipment from the harness when needed, with utmost ease and safety.

In terms of ergonomics, this harness ranks at an impressive 4 out of 5. Its meticulously crafted design takes into account every contour of your body, ensuring that it fits like a second skin. This ergonomic excellence translates to comfort levels that also score a 4 out of 5, a testament to the added features that have been seamlessly integrated to enhance your overall experience.

Balance XT Safety Harness Specs

Item Number: 578 44 97‑01, 5784497‑01

  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Back Plates
  • Floating Pad System
  • Quick Release


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