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If you’re working with battery powered equipment out in the field, whether it be construction or forestry, it can be very frustrating to have a battery run out of power in the middle of a job. Plus, spare batteries can be inconvenient and bulky to carry around. That’s why Husqvarna’s battery belt is a great investment, letting you bring extra batteries so that you can keep at it for longer periods of time. We have two different versions of the Husqvarna battery belt for sale, so you can find the belt that best suits your tools and your needs.

Adaptor Kit RRP: $309

Connector Kit RRP: $319

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Battery Carrying Belts for sale

Each Husqvarna Flexi Battery Belt has an ergonomic design which puts weight on your waist. Because of this, you will experience less arm fatigue and can keep working hard for longer. In addition to the battery carriers which come with this belt, you can attach accessory bags and other holders. Each of the battery belts from Husqvarna come with a total of five fixing points, allowing you to attach up to 3 battery carriers and 2 other items. The battery carriers provided are compatible with Husqvarna BLi batteries, which are used in most Husqvarna battery tools.

Both variants of the Battery Belt come with the belt itself, an accessory bag – which you can use for a water bottle or other item – and different types of BLi carriers. The Adaptor Kit, has one normal carrier as well as a carrier with an adaptor. This adaptor lets you hook up the battery to other battery types that don’t fit into the carrier. Because of this, you can use something like a whipper snipper with the charge from your belt battery once the tool’s main battery has run dry.

The Connector Kit has a regular carrier in addition to a carrier which has a built in connector. With this connector, you can directly plug the BLi battery into a device which also has a connector, such as an electric blower. You can also use the kit to connect to a tool or machine that uses an internal battery, but to do this you’ll also need Husqvarna’s battery adaptor.

Specifications for Husqvarna’s Battery Belts

 Adaptor Kit

  • Item number: 590 77 67‑02, 5907767‑02
  • Battery Belt
  • 1 BLi Carrier
  • 1 BLi Carrier with Adaptor
  • Accessory Bag

Connector Kit

  • Item number: 590 77 67‑03, 5907767‑03
  • Battery Belt
  • 1 BLi Carrier
  • 1 BLi Carrier with Connector
  • Accessory Bag


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