BLi Carrier for Battery Belts – Husqvarna


The BLi Carrier is the ultimate solution for those who need a reliable and adaptable battery belt. With the ability to transport up to three spare batteries, you’ll never be left without power. Plus, the Carrier can transform your Adapter kit/Connector kit to a pure Carrying kit, so you can work without cables when you need to. The BLi Carrier is built to last and easy to use, so you can rely on it day in and day out. Get one for your flexi battery belt today and ensure your battery equipment is always primed and powered.

Extra BLi Battery Holder for FLEXI Belt

The BLi Carrier is an essential accessory for anyone who relies on a battery belt for their work. With this carrier on your Carrying kit belt, you can carry a total of three spare batteries. As a result, you will always have enough power to get the job done. This accessory lets you adapt to any challenge, whether it’s a long work day or a location with no power options.

Because of this additional battery space, you can also afford to work without a cable connector. These connectors let you directly plug your battery into the machine, which can be helpful but also cumbersome. An extra BLi Carrier means you can just swap out batteries as needed. Whether you’re climbing a ladder or working in a tight space, the BLi Carrier lets you adapt to any situation. You may even simply prefer the freedom of movement that comes with working without a cable!

The BLi Battery Carrier is easy to attach and detach from your battery belt, making it simple to switch between your spare batteries.

Item Number: 590 77 72‑01, 5907772‑01


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