C85S 3/8” .058” Full Chisel Chain – Husqvarna


Elevate your cutting game with the Husqvarna C85S chainsaw chain, a brand new full chisel model from their high quality X-CUT range. Designed for peak performance, its 3/8” pitch and .058” gauge conquer tasks with ease, especially with longer guide bars. Fewer cutters mean effortless maintenance, while its unmatched durability ensures precision cuts that last. Say goodbye to frequent adjustments and hello to consistent excellence. Make your projects smoother, your results sharper, and your costs lower. Step into a new era of cutting prowess – choose the Husqvarna C85S and redefine your cutting experience. Your success starts here.

Skip Tooth Chainsaw Chain for Sale

Crafted for uncompromising performance, the C85S full chisel chain features a 3/8” pitch and a robust .058” gauge, making it the perfect companion for longer guide bars. Leave the limitations of standard chains behind, as the full skip cutter sequence enhances chip clearing for more efficient results. This design also demands less power, so that you can maintain an optimal rpm in your engine. All in all, you can get more cutting power where it matters, and less strain on your equipment.

One standout feature of the C85S chisel chain is its reduced number of cutters. This design choice streamlines your cutting process while also making it easier to maintain. With fewer cutters to sharpen, you’ll spend less time on upkeep and more time making progress on your projects.

Durability is at the heart of the X-CUT C85S’s design. Its impressive cutting efficiency, combined with a sharpness that refuses to fade, ensures that you achieve precision cuts with every pass. Plus, the low stretch factor means you can count on consistent performance over time, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments.

When you choose the C85S full chisel chainsaw chain, you’re choosing more than just a chainsaw chain – you’re choosing better results, lower maintenance, and reduced costs. Imagine the time and money you’ll save with a chain that consistently delivers excellence, project after project. Whether you’re tackling heavy-duty tasks or fine-tuning intricate details, this chain is your ticket to success.

C85S Skip Tooth Chain Specs


  • Pitch: 3/8”
  • Gauge: 1.5 mm / .058”
  • Cutter Profile: Chisel
  • Skip Tooth

Available Models

  • 20 in / 50 cm / 72 drive links
  • 24 in / 60 cm / 84 drive links
  • 28 in / 70 cm / 93 drive links
  • 32 in / 80 cm / 105 drive links
  • 36 in / 90 cm / 115 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 72DL: 585 54 89‑72, 5855489‑72
  • 84DL: 585 54 89‑84, 5855489‑84
  • 93DL: 585 54 89‑93, 5855489‑93
  • 105DL: 585 54 89‑05, 5855489‑05
  • 115DL: 585 54 89‑15, 5855489‑15


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20 in / 50 cm / 72 drive links, 24 in / 60 cm / 84 drive links, 28 in / 70 cm / 93 drive links, 32 in / 81 cm / 105 drive links, 36 in / 90 cm / 115 drive links