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Each of our excellent carabiners from Husqvarna is a fantastic all round accessory for different tasks. Whether you’re securing ropes and nets, doing arborist work, or any other tasks that need something locked down or secured, these high quality carabiners are the way to go. Husqvarna carabiners come in one of three different designs – oval, d-shape, or HMS (also known as pear shape) – so that you can pick the carabiner that best fits your needs.

Husqvarna Carabiners Australia

Each Husqvarna carabiner has a sure-fire double locking mechanism, which uses a twist lock gate. Because of this design, accidental opening is never a worry. Additionally, the key lock gate nose minimises any snagging, so your clothes or ropes won’t catch or tear. These powerful carabiners use hot forged 707 aluminium, which guarantees strength while remaining lightweight and easily transportable.

Most importantly, there are three different types of carabiner provided by Husqvarna, and each has its own ideal use.

Oval Carabiners

The oval carabiner has a symmetrical design, which provides a balanced weight distribution. Because of this, oval carabiners are well suited for even loading, where balance is important – one major example might be pulleys.

D-Shaped Carabiners

A D-shape carabiner lets you optimise your weight movement. The axis closest to the carabiner frame’s spine is stronger and able to handle more weight, so you can adjust the position of the carabiner to take full advantage. This way, simple loads, like linked and connected devices, are easy to handle.

HMS / Pear Shaped Carabiners

An HMS carabiner is visually similar to the D Shape model, but it has more rounded angles. This means that you can more easily link multiple items together, or connect bulky objects as needed.

Husqvarna Carabiners – Specs


  • Key lock gate nose
  • Double locking gate with twist lock
  • Forged 707 aluminium construction
  • CE Certified to meet standards of EN 362:2004/B

Item numbers

  • D-Shape: 596 93 62‑11, 5969362‑11
  • HMS / Pear-Shape: 596 93 62‑12, 5969362‑12
  • Oval: 596 93 62‑13, 5969362‑13


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Product Type

D-Shaped Carabiner, HMS / Pear-Shaped Carabiner, Oval Carabiner