Combi Holsters for Sale – Husqvarna


These combi holsters from Husqvarna are perfect for a variety of tools. We have two different options available, so find the holster that best suits your needs, slot it onto your tool belt or harness, and off you go!

Husqvarna Combi Holster Canberra

Both versions of this combi holster have space for a lifting hook or for lifting tongs. The regular holster also has eyelets, which you can use to secure measuring tape. The wedge version, meanwhile, has a designated pocket where you can fit in a wedge.

Specifications for the Combi Holsters

  • Regular: 593 83 83‑01, 5938383‑01
  • With Wedge Pocket: 593 83 83‑02, 5938383‑02


Need more space for your wedges? We have a dedicated wedge pocket accessory available now!

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Product Type

Holster (Regular), Holster with Wedge Pocket