Crayon Holder for Sale – Husqvarna


If you’ve got 12 mm crayons and want to quickly access them on the job, this crayon holder is made for you. You can hook the metal reel onto your tool belt, or your harness, for a quick access, easy to use mechanism. Pick up one of these crayon holders and make your work life just that much simpler!

Crayon Carrier Australia

The metal reel of this crayon holder is spring loaded, letting you easily retract it when you’re done. The holder will securely contain the crayon so you don’t need to worry about it slipping out and getting lost.

If you’re in need of some crayons that can go in this holder, that are able to endure the weather and give you long lasting results, check out Husqvarna’s graphite crayons for sale.

Item number: 593 83 98‑01, 5938398‑01


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