Cut n Break EL 35 Diamond Blade – Husqvarna


The powerful EL 35 cut n break diamond blade is perfect for cutting through hard and abrasive materials, and can cut through walls of up to 400 mm! Grab yourself one of these fantastic cut n break blades, feel the smooth start, and experience the excellent high power and speed. Whether it’s rock, marble, or even concrete with tensile strength up to 6,000 psi – the EL 35 can get it done.

EL35 Cut n Break Saw Blades for sale in Canberra

The EL 35 diamond blade works great on tons of different materials, including medium and soft concrete, brick, granite, reinforced concrete and more! Thanks to this wide range of optimal materials, you can be incredibly versatile on the job site. The EL35 also has segments which by design will reduce contact surface, so that you can easily start up when using a new blade. Additionally, this segment design allows for self sharpening, and lets you maintain a great cutting speed regardless of the rotation.

Specifications for Husqvarna EL Blades

  • Optimal Material: Brick, Concrete Medium, Concrete (Soft), Flint concrete hard, Granite, Reinforced concrete, Trap-rock
  • Type of Power Cutter Tool: Cut-n-Break Blades
  • Performance Grade: Gold
  • Blade Configuration: Segmented
  • Coolant: Wet
  • Diameter: 230 mm
  • Segment Size (length x width x height): 40 x 2.4 x 8.5 mm

More Questions About These Cut-n-Break Saw Blades?

If you’d like to hear more about the EL 35 Cut n Break, we can help! Just call 02 6242 8996 and we can discuss these great blades in more detail. We can also walk you through the other options available if one might be a better fit. You can also pop in and say hi at our shop in Mitchell, Canberra, and take a look at the best diamond blades Mitchell has to offer.

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