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We now have the Husqvarna Depth Gauges for sale in Canberra! These gauges are designed to ensure that the height of the cutters on your chainsaw chain is properly adjusted, allowing for optimal filing angles and raker clearance. This results in maximum chainsaw performance, making cutting through even the toughest materials a breeze. Specifically designed to work with Husqvarna chains, these depth gauges are perfect for anyone who wants to achieve precision and quality in their chainsaw maintenance. Upgrade your chainsaw maintenance game with the Husqvarna Depth Gauges today!

We have multiple models of these depth gauges for sale, which are best suited for different chain types. See below for more details on which variant works with your chainsaw chain.

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Depth Gauges for Filing Chainsaws

Whether you are a professional arborist or contractor, or simply a chainsaw enthusiast, you need these depth gauges. The Husqvarna Depth Gauges a must-have tool for any arsenal if you want to make sure your saw chain is always sharp. A depth gauge is a measuring tool used to adjust the height of the cutters on your chainsaw chain, ensuring the correct filing angles are achieved. The Husky depth gauges are specifically designed to work in conjunction with their flat files, making them the perfect pair for all Husqvarna chains. By achieving the correct raker clearance, you’ll be able to optimize your chainsaw’s performance to its full potential.

Depth Gauges from Husqvarna – Specifications

Available Models

  • .325”, 4.8 mm file, for use on: H21, H22, H23, H25
  • 3/8”, 5.5 mm file, for use on: H42, H46, H47, H48, H80, H81
  • .404”, 5.5 mm file, for use on: H64
  • 3/8” low profile, 4.5 mm file, for use on: H38

Item Numbers

  • For H21-H25: 505 69 81‑00, 5056981‑00
  • For H42-H48 and H80-H81: 505 69 81‑01, 5056981‑01
  • For H64: 505 69 81‑02, 5056981‑02
  • For H38: 505 69 81‑03, 5056981‑03


If this doesn’t seem like the right tool for the job, we have plenty more to offer! Just browse through our massive selection of chainsaw accessories and you’re sure to find something.

Product Type

For H21, H22, H23 or H25, For H38, For H42, H46, H47, H48, H80 or H81, For H64