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Experience unparalleled tool safety and performance with Husqvarna’s fantastic X-Guard Dielectric Bar & Chain Oil. Specially crafted to meet the rigorous standards of OSHA 1910.269, this exceptional formula not only resists conducting electricity but maintains dielectric strength up to 36KV, ensuring your utmost safety even in the face of unexpected currents or voltage. Say goodbye to premature wear and tear – the premium blend of base stock and tackifier additives goes beyond protection, extending the life of your bar, chain, and sprocket while reducing high-speed throw-off. With the added benefit of a premium tackifier that clings tenaciously, even in extreme conditions, and special anti-wear additives, your maintenance efforts are drastically reduced. Elevate your work game – and invest in this high quality chain oil for unparalleled equipment longevity and exceptional performance.

X Guard Dielectric Oil for Sale

Crafted with a cutting-edge formula, the Dielectric Bar and Chain Oil stands strong against the flow of electricity. This excellent oil upholds dielectric strength of up to 36 KV when exposed to currents or voltage. Uncompromising on safety, this feature ensures that your equipment remains protected at all times. As a result, you can minimise risks and focus on your tasks with complete peace of mind.

The premium blend of base stock and tackifier additives ends your days of worrying about high-speed throw-offs. This is because the advanced blend not only enhances longevity but also extends the life of your bar, chain, and sprocket by providing a formidable shield against wear and tear. The premium tackifier takes the game a step further by adhering steadfastly to the bar and chain. Thanks to this, it offers enduring durability that translates into more efficient and effective working hours.

In the realm of performance, the Husqvarna dielectric oil emerges as a true champion. Its carefully developed formulation defies friction, allowing your bar and chain to glide seamlessly even in the most extreme conditions. This not only extends the life of your cutting equipment but also boosts efficiency, ensuring that you can tackle tasks with unparalleled precision and agility.

Husqvarna understands the importance of equipment longevity and minimal maintenance. That’s why this oil’s formula features special anti wear additives, offering exceptional wear protection that significantly reduces the need for frequent upkeep. Your equipment stays in top condition, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – getting the job done without unnecessary interruptions.

Specs of Husky Dielectric Bar and Chain Oil

Item Number: 599 72 72‑01, 5997272‑01

  • Volume: 1 l


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