Elite Cut Exo-Grit S65 Diamond Blade – Husqvarna


If you need to cut through block and brick with no trouble at all, look no further than the excellent S65 Exo Grit diamond blade from Husqvarna! This powerful saw blade provides little vibration or side friction for a smooth, comfortable cut, and is well suited for brick and abrasive concrete, among other materials. With two available sizes, you can find the S65 blade that perfectly fits your demo saw, and perfectly suits your needs!

S65 Brick Saw Blades for sale Canberra

The Husqvarna Diamond S65 ExoGrit saw blade is an excellent option for getting through abrasive materials, brick, and block as needed. Because Husqvarna knows you want to get a long term investment out of your diamond blade, the S65 has been heavily tested against older models to optimise its performance and lifespan. As a result, this fantastic quick saw blade provides up to 20 % faster cutting, and will last 10 % longer than previous models.

Not only is the S65 a marked improvement over its predecessors in speed and lifespan, it is all around designed to give you the best cutting experience possible. For example, the S65 has an improved slurry evacuation for cleaner cuts, while a low vibration design and less side friction ensures you can stay comfortable while you work. There are also clear markers across the blade for life and wear indicators, the cutting depth and side clearance, and more. All of this means that at a glance you can easily pick up all sorts of information about your S65’s condition.

Even compared to other Exo-Grit blades, the S65 stands out as a highly enduring diamond saw blade that will stand the test of time. This is in thanks to its unique Flat Exo Grit Plus segment design, which improves on the Flat Exo Grit and Z edge designs found on other ExoGrit models. The Flax Exo Grit Plus design protects the core from any excessive wear as you cut into an abrasive material. As a result of this innovation, you can use the S65 for plenty of time to come.

Specs of the Husqvarna S65 Exo Grit

Item Numbers

  • 350 mm / 14 inch: 599 49 48-20, 5994948-20
  • 400 mm / 16 inch: 599 49 48-30, 5994948-30


  • Type of power cutter tool: Standard blades
  • Performance grade: Gold
  • Blade configuration: Segmented
  • Coolant: Wet / dry
  • Power range, min kW: 3.5 kW
  • Power range, max kW: 6
  • Optimal Material: Abrasive // Block // Brick // Concrete // Reinforced Concrete // Roof Tile


  • Diameter: 350 mm, 450 mm
  • Arbor Diameter: 20 / 25.4 mm
  • Segment Length: 40 mm
  • Segment Height: 15 mm
  • Segment Width
    • 7 mm (350 mm model)
    • 8 mm (450 mm model)


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350mm (14 Inch), 400mm (16 Inch)