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With the excellent Elite Cut S35 Exo-Grit diamond blade from Husqvarna, you can slice through tough materials like concrete, marble and natural stone in no time at all! The S35 Exo Grit achieves high speeds and high quality cuts while maintaining a long lifespan – so you can get great cutting results time after time. This S35 ExoGrit from Husqvarna can be used for both wet and dry cuts for whatever suits your needs and the materials best. These fantastic S35 quick saw blades are available in diameters of 14 or 16 inches, so that you can find the perfect diamond blade for your saw.

S35 Exo Grit Diamond Blades for sale

As part of the Elite Cut line from Husqvarna, the S35 Exo Grit is built to last and to excel in the field. You can easily get a quick, smooth cut through various hard materials and universal construction materials. As a result, the S35 diamond blade is a great choice for any tradie working construction, as it is a very versatile and well-rounded cutting option. The blade also generates lower vibrations and less side friction, giving you a more comfortable experience overall. Additionally, you will find that the S35 Exo-Grit has a vastly improved slurry evacuation, keeping the cut and end results as clean as possible.

Some of Husqvarna’s best quick cut saw blades use a new segment shape design called Z-Edge, and the S35 Exo Grit is one of them. This new design enables better cutting, with more efficiency, speed, and smoothness, all thanks to a controlled active surface. Z-Edge shaping also contributes to the slurry evacuation for an even cleaner cut.

Specifications – Husky S35 Exo Grit Elite Cut

Item Numbers

  • 5994946-20 (350 mm / 14 inch)
  • 5994946-30 (400 mm / 16 inch)


  • Type of power cutter tool: Standard blades
  • Performance grade: Gold
  • Blade configuration: Segmented
  • Coolant: Wet / dry
  • Power range, min kW: 3.5 kW
  • Power range, max kW: 6 kW

Cuttable Materials

  • Optimal: Concrete, Cured Concrete (Medium), Granite, Marble, Natural Stone
  • Good: Brick, Cured Concrete (Hard), Reinforced Concrete, Roof Tile
  • Acceptable: Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain


  • Diameter: 350 mm / 14 inch, 400 mm / 16 inch
  • Arbor Diameter: 20 / 25.4 mm
  • Segment Length: 40 mm
  • Segment Height: 15 mm
  • Segment Width: 3.7 mm (350 mm / 14 inch), 3.8 mm (400 mm / 16 inch)

Learn More About the S35 Exo Grit Saw Blade

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350mm (14 Inch), 400mm (16 Inch)