FM Radio Earmuffs for Sale – Husqvarna


If you’re in need of some high quality ear muffs that will let you stay in contact with your co-workers, look no further than Husqvarna’s fantastic FM radio earmuffs. This hearing protection have a 3.5 mm jack which lets you connect your communication radio or mp3 source, so you can connect to a radio system, use the small microphone on the right ear, and keep communicating with those around you.

Ear Muffs for Radio Communication

The Husqvarna FM radio earmuffs have a headband design that centralises pressure, meaning that there is less pressure on each ear. As a result, you can work in better comfort as there is a lighter feeling on the ears. These earmuffs also have improvements to sound quality and noise reduction over previous iterations, ensuring you get the best experience possible. Not only that, the left and right ear muffs are specifically designed for those ears, instead of just mirroring each other. Because of this, your ears will be comfortable and perfectly fitted.

The large size of the buttons on the Husqvarna radio ear muffs make them ease to press. Additionally, you can easily remove the shell on the earmuffs to get to and change the batteries when needed. These FM radio earmuffs provide a noise reduction rating of 27 dB(A).

Item number: 578 27 49-03, 5782749-03


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