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These are practical, functional gloves from Husqvarna that let you get the job done with ease and efficiency. You can buy the Husqvarna Functional Gloves today in a range of sizes, from 7 to 12, so grab yourself a pair and improve your forestry experience today!

Functional Husqvarna Gloves Canberra

If you’re on the job, you might sometimes need to access your smartphone in case of emergency or other reasons. In those situations, it can be annoying having to take off your gloves to use the touchscreen. However, thanks to Husqvarna’s innovative design, one knuckle on the index finger is touch screen compatible, so you can operate the phone without removing the gloves. This makes your work day just that little bit simpler and more convenient.

For durability, these functional gloves from Husqvarna use goat leather. This material is great for keeping dry and safe, because it is naturally resistant to water and other liquids. These gloves will last for plenty of time to come, so they are an excellent long term investment.

Specs of the Husqvarna Functional Gloves


  • Approved according to EN 388
  • Regular fit
  • Available in sizes 7-12

Item numbers

  • Size 7: 599 64 98‑07, 5996498‑07
  • Size 8: 599 64 98‑08, 5996498‑08
  • Size 9: 599 64 98‑09, 5996498‑09
  • Size 10: 599 64 98‑10, 5996498‑10
  • Size 12: 599 64 98‑12, 5996498‑12


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7, 8, 9, 10, 12