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If you’re working in forestry or landscaping, you absolutely want to pick up a set of Husqvarna’s functional light non slip gloves. Thanks to the high quality palm, you can get a good grip and accurate tactile sensation for the best results. These gloves are available in sizes 7 up to 10, so find the perfect pair and improve your work experience today!

Husqvarna Non Slip Gloves Canberra

These functional light non slip gloves are thin enough that you can move comfortably for plenty of time, without compromising their protectiveness. Perhaps the best thing about these gloves is that the inner hand is water repellent, making sure that you can keep getting the job done to perfection no matter the conditions.

We’ve all had to pick up the phone from time to time while on the job, either to answer a call or to confirm something before we get stuck into a task. When you’re out working forestry or landscaping, it can be awkward and annoying to take off your work gloves, use the phone, and then put the gloves back on. But thanks to Husqvarna’s great thinking, that whole process is a thing of the past. The index finger of the functional light non slip gloves has a touch screen friendly knuckle, and because of this you can now interact with your mobile device with your gloves still on. This makes everything more efficient and lets you get back to the task at hand in no time at all.

Specifications for the Husky Non Slip Work Gloves


  • EN 388 approval
  • Regular fit
  • Sizes 7-10

Item numbers

  • Size 7: 529 88 02‑07, 5298802‑07
  • Size 8: 529 88 02‑08, 5298802‑08
  • Size 9: 529 88 02‑09, 5298802‑09
  • Size 10: 529 88 02‑10, 5298802‑10


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7, 8, 9, 10