Functional Light Vent Gloves – Husqvarna


If you’re in need of some great work gloves that also keep your hands cool, look no further than the Functional Light Vent Gloves from Husqvarna! The breathable leather allows for good ventilation inside the gloves and makes sure you can keep working with no worries. We have these high quality Husqvarna gloves for sale in sizes 7 – 10, so that you can find the perfect size.

Vented Light Gloves for sale

When you’re in dry, warm weather, the last thing you want is to wear thick gloves that heat up your hands and make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, these are thin, ventilated work gloves that will perfectly suit all sorts of forestry and gardening tasks. The synthetic leather is not only breathable but also quick drying for maximum usage – and, it provides a great grip! Additionally, you will find that the inner padding will help protect your inner hand thanks to its shock absorbing design. The quick drying nature of these gloves also allows for easy washing and removal of debris and dirt buildup.

If you need to access a mobile device while on the job, you can just use the touchscreen knuckle on the glove’s index finger.

Specifications – Husqvarna Functional Light Vent Gloves


  • Approved according to EN 388
  • Regular fit
  • Available in sizes 7-10

Item numbers

  • 7: 529 88 01‑07, 5298801‑07
  • 8: 529 88 01‑08, 5298801‑08
  • 9: 529 88 01‑09, 5298801‑09
  • 10: 529 88 01‑10, 5298801‑10


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7, 8, 9, 10