Garden Earmuffs for Sale – Husqvarna


If you enjoy garden work and want a bit more peace of mind as you go, you’ll love these high quality earmuffs from Husqvarna. The garden earmuffs are designed for comfortable with a lightweight construction and great noise reduction. Pick up a set of these Husqvarna earmuffs and make your gardening experience that much calmer!

Ear Muffs for Gardening Canberra

These high quality garden earmuffs use an extra wide headband, because this provides a more comfortable fit. Not only that, the fit is also more secure, and will put less pressure on the head thanks to the wide design. The protectors themselves use ABS plastic in their shells. This is an impact resistant material, which means that the earmuffs are very durable against various hits and impacts. As a result, these earmuffs will keep performing at the high standards you deserve, for a long time to come. The garden earmuffs provide noise reduction of up to 23 dB(A).

Specs for Husqvarna Gardening Earmuffs

  • Extra wide headband
  • ABS plastic protectors
  • SNR 23 dB(A)
  • Certified to meet standards of EN 352-1, EN 166

Item number: 510 19 95-01, 5101995-01


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